What do I do in a healing session?

A woman asked me the other day, “What exactly do you do when you do a healing?”

I told her I assess the electromagnetic energy field around my client’s body and assist in rebalancing her energy so she can self-heal.

More specifically, I told her that if it were her session, she would be lying comfortably on the table fully clothed with her shoes off. Soft music would be playing in the background. I would move my hands about three inches slowly above her and note any variations in her energy field. Then I would feel and assess her aura, mainly with my hands.

If I found an area that felt “thick” or “stagnant” I’d use my hands in a sweeping motion to move and clear the thickness from that part of the body to restore a smooth energy flow in her energy field. If I found an area that felt cold, I might place my hand on the body, letting the energy flowing through me revitalize and warm the area.

A balanced body heals itself. I should really call myself an energetic rebalancer instead of an energetic healer. But that would mean even more explaining!

When your energy is balanced and flowing it is so much easier to feel relaxed, grounded in your body and fully present. You can physically feel the difference before and after the session.

This is the practical no-nonsense explanation of what I do in a healing. Yet my clients come out of their sessions and report seeing colors, images, or feel like they traveled to another place during their sessions. Clients have also said they have experienced the divine or have felt a very deep peace. Clients have to discover this in the healing session for themselves, because it would take too long for me to explain!

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