New Music For Your Healing Sessions

Music to Pray By is a collection of more than 65 podcasts of improvised piano music by Ron Johns. The music is vibrant and engaging, yet sensitive enough for subtle healing work. This would be the music to reach for when you want a little extra energy in your session.

I use several of these podcasts for massage and I have one client who loves this piano music for her Healing Touch sessions. I tend to play these podcasts at a slightly lower volume than other music. Each podcast is about 30 minutes long and they are free and ready to download from the website. Podcast 58 is a current favorite.

The music of Ron Johns is deeply inspired by his connection to the divine. When I emailed him to ask if it was OK to do a post on his music for my healing blog he wrote back “My God is a God of healing – Jehovah Rophi. 🙂 All I ask is that you mention the Music to Pray By ministry.”

His websites states:

“My prayer is that this music will inspire people worldwide to spend time in prayer and in fellowship with our Wonderful Creator.

Another great musical resource is Pandora. Pandora is a website where you create your own “stations” that play the music you want to hear. You start with a favorite song, musician, or genre and Pandora scans it’s entire library of music to find songs and artists with similar sensibilities. Then you just click the “thumbs up” button or the “thumbs down” button during each song Pandora selects for you so you can further refine your “station”. Each song in Pandora’s library has been analyzed by melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics, tone, and other musical details and categories to figure out just what to offer you.

I had a treatment from a healer who had a Pandora station of music playing in her office. She had created a station that reflected the music she found the most relaxing for her and her clients: soothing, indigenous instrumental without a trace of new age influence. I think she started her station with musician David Darling.

Pandora is an easy and accessible way to find the perfect new music for healing, meditation or yoga.


Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Clarity Breathworker in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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