Manifesting With Breathwork

I worked out of my home for the first eighteen years of my business. This worked really well until a shift occurred in my personal life, and the energy in my house changed. I knew it was time to move my practice outside my living space.
The ideal office opened up one block from my house. It was practically soundproof, with a beautiful garden outside, a creative community of friends and artists, and very, very good energy. It was perfect.
However, as soon as the possibility of moving my healing business became real, my limiting beliefs surrounding money and abundance hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn’t believe how much fear surfaced. I could not get grounded and was even having mild panic attacks at night.
Could I afford it? Did I really want to create more financial stress in my life? Would my clients like the new office? There were so many emotional blocks I couldn’t even think coherently. Why the distress: wasn’t this the healing space that I always wanted? Isn’t my business grounded and flourishing?
I was desperate to clear my fear. I needed to say yes to the new healing space quickly, so I booked five consecutive days of Breathwork sessions for myself.  Four private sessions and one day-long Saturday workshop with two breathes. By doing this, I created a mini-retreat for myself, focused on clearing all emotional and mental blocks that were keeping me from moving forward.
I could feel the “rightness” of renting the office in my first breathe. During the breathe I was in an abundant creative state connected to my highest wisdom. Yet, this clarity only lasted for a few hours after my first three sessions. Several hours after the session a deeper level of emotional blocks would re-surface, and I would then contract back into the fear.
It wasn’t until my fourth daily breathe that I could completely embody my new level of consciousness and hold the confidence to rent the space. The rest of the breath sessions further helped me embody this new level of consciousness.
The day I started moving to into my healing space, it was so obvious I made the right move. I felt fantastic. What a transformation! I released so much old programming. It was a new beginning, and I felt so much lighter. I swear, creating change in my life has been so much easier since. I let go of some deep limiting beliefs.  This shift was so much more significant for me than just getting an office.
The next time you need to manifest the next level of your dream, try scheduling yourself a mini-breath retreat.
Clarity Breathwork is for letting go of what limits you from manifesting!
Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. 
She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, Distance Healings and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. 

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