Healing Touch at Stanford Hospital

A short video on how Healing Touch is supporting woman with breast cancer at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto.

Healing Partners is mentioned in this clip, a community-based program that pairs women diagnosed with breast cancer with Healing Touch Volunteers.

It’s so inspiring to see people with cancer receiving energetic support in a hospital setting. Healing Touch really makes a difference.

Healing Touch For Asthma

Mark Gagne
Mark Gagne
Writer and Event Manager

I would like to thank Mark for taking the time to write this testimonial about his Healing Touch session. It is amazing how much I have learned from what my clients have written me.

This testimonial is a good example of how gentle and easy emotional release can be.

“I have had four healing touch sessions with Jeri, the latest for my asthma. The great thing about Jeri’s brilliant work is that her intuitive healing abilities often uncover root causes of health issues, such as painful loss, as well as removing ailments that are not foremost in her client’s mind.

In my case, I work on my feet as an Event Manager for many hours at a time, and Jeri’s healing touch session this week, though focused on my respiratory health, ended up releasing a lot of pain I’ve had in my knees and feet.  After Jeri finished, she commented to me that she was drawn  to work with my legs and feet for much of the session. I then relayed an old knee injury to her from some 30 years ago that I have come to take for granted. Since that healing, I’ve worked a few times and my knees felt lighter and more relaxed.

Jeri’s skill at transporting me through her gentle healing touch work is unmatched. I leave each session feeling energized, renewed and refocused. My entire body always feels completely relaxed, and my mind feels lighter and more alert. As for my asthma, since my session, I haven’t been wheezing and have only used my inhaler a couple times all week, which is considerably less than usual.

I hadn’t worked with Jeri for over two years due to scheduling and work logistics on my end, and had undergone a series of traumatic events in my life including three deaths in my immediate family as well as an extremely stressful legal battle. Although I sought Jeri’s help specifically for my asthma, the first sensation I felt during our session was an immense feeling of heavy emotional release, followed by warm memories of my sister, who has been gone for two years. I wasn’t thinking about her or feeling consciously bereft lately, but during this healing touch session, I knew that something wonderful had shifted, and I feel very blessed for it. I also experienced similar releases of heavy, negative energy surrounding the recent passing of both my parents. These were events that I thought I had worked through, but Jeri’s work and the perpetual lightness I feel now tell I wasn’t yet finished.

Thank you, Jeri!”

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

One Healer’s Perspective on Electromagnetic Radiation

Healing Touch is very effective in grounding and stabilizing the energy fields of my clients who are sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation. The energetic disturbances from Electromagnetic Radiation have manifested in their auras and physical bodies as low-grade headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms, irritability and anxiety.

Electromagnetic Radiation is a difficult subject for me to write about, mainly because I was personally so overwhelmed with the subject when I first learned about it. Yet as an energetic healer, I see that clients challenged with the symptoms of Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR, can be dramatically helped by addressing and then managing its affect on their life. Electromagnetic Radiation is definitely a factor in my scope of practice as a Healing Touch Practitioner.

"Wires" c.JeriLawson2013AllRightsReservedElectromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Mobile phones use Electromagnetic Radiation in the microwave range. We are actually putting small microwaves to our ear everyday. Just using earphones may keep you from getting low-grade headaches. The World Health Organization has classified cell phone radio-frequency as a “possible carcinogen”. There are ongoing court battles about how much the consumer should be warned about the dangerous levels of radiation they may be exposed to when they buy a cell phone.

For years I have been working with clients compromised by Electromagnetic Radiation. I have felt with my hands the effects of EMR in their energy field as a tingling or spiky buzzing all around the body. This buzzing or vibrating is similar to the energy fields of my clients who have just had a radiation treatment for cancer or an MRI. I have also felt the effects of EMR as a very high vibration running up and down the center of my client’s body, like someone had just plucked a very high frequency guitar string.

The sensations I feel with my hands are only the first step in detecting if my client’s biofield is overwhelmed by EMR. It usually takes many sessions for me to tell if a client is specifically EMR sensitive. There are so many other
environmental issues that can cause interference or compromise a person’s energy field – such as air pollution, toxins in food, jet lag, or working close by a MRI machine in a hospital.

I ask my clients questions like these to determine if and how much they are affected by EMR: “When do you feel the most irritable and when do you feel the most calm and centered?” “When do you NOT have headaches?” “When did you first notice this “frazzled” feeling?”

I have also asked them to record their headaches and bouts of irritability over an extended period of time, and found this record helpful in discovering the true cause of their symptoms. I had one client who realized she was allergic to a seasonal tree and another realized her symptoms flared up only when her mother visited, even though she like her mother.

In one Healing Touch session with me, many times what might have been an imbalance in my client’s biofield caused by EMR is brought into balance and stays that way. Symptoms disappear and don’t come back. The cause might have been EMR, but then again it might not have been.

Early on in my exploration of EMR, I had a client who was unable to balance his energy even after several massages and then several healings. I bought a GIA Pendant for him because I suspected electromagnetic radiation might be part of the reason his energy was so out of balance.

GIA Wellness is a company that makes pendants and other products that “…are designed to address the effects of daily stressors, including electromagnetic radiation.”

As soon as my client put the pendant on he said the low-grade headache he had went away. My suspicions were right and the GIA Wellness products have been very helpful in helping him to stay grounded, balanced and healthy ever since.

There are many good products and companies addressing the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on our bodies and lives. I’ve been using GIA Wellness products for over two years now and have been very impressed with the products and customer service. I have a Harmonizer™ in my healing room (it’s on loan to a client as I write this), and cell guards on my phones and computer.

I recommend Asha Stokes in Oakland, California if you are interesting in learning more about the products from GIA Wellness. She is – or was – very sensitive to EMR and the GIA products have greatly helped her and her family. Her phone number is 510-407-0636 and her website is here if you would like to contact her.

I was taking pictures with my smart phone a few months ago and I noticed it was getting uncomfortably hot in my hands. I realized my GIA Cell guard, which neutralizes harmful effects of EMR, had fallen off the phone earlier in the day.  I was so relieved when I found the cell guard a few hours later in my bag and reattached it to my phone. I was surprised at how quickly I had noticed the cell guard was gone and how obviously different my phone felt. I have been using the GIA products for so long now I did not realize what a difference they were making.

Losing then quickly finding the cell guard made me realize it was time to write this post.

Jeri Lawson is available for sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

About This Blog

DSC_1057I have been writing this blog for over a year and a half, so I thought it might be time to write this mission statement. This also meant I had to reexamine and clarify my intentions as a healer. Sometimes the shortest posts take the longest to write.

This blog is about my energetic healing practice. My intention in my healing practice is to validate and develop the intuitive healing abilities in each person I work with and assist him or her into coming into balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I know that all healing is self-healing and my goal is to create a safe and inspiring place where all possibilities exist.

The modalities I write about in this blog are: Healing Touch, Reiki and Clarity Breathwork. I am also a massage therapist and roughly half my healing practice is massage based.

In my blog, I also share about my experience of having a healing business at this moment in our modern culture and just how extraordinary and incredibly ordinary it is to work in altered states of consciousness and sacred space on a daily basis.

Healing is a mystery. The more I learn about healing, more I realize my focus as a healer is not about intellectually understanding what healing is, but to create, ground and hold the space for this mystery to happen for my clients.

Lastly, my intention as the author of this blog is to communicate how this healing space can support each of us individually and as a community by encouraging the use of energetic healing – especially the modality Healing Touch and Reiki – in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals and hospice to support wellness, prevent disease and keep us in balance.


Click here to learn more about Healing Touch.
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Click here to learn more about Clarity Breathwork.


Jeri Lawson is available for sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Clarity Breathwork and Migraines

Image 1
Laurie Ann Lepoff

Laurie Ann Lepoff, a Dance Teacher in Oakland, California, did a series of ten Clarity Breathwork sessions with me to heal her migraines in 2010. In the third session she actually arrived in the early stages of a migraine and released it during the breathe! Click here for the full testimonial. Laurie recently sent me this update and I thought I would share it with you:

“Last month I had tickets to the runway show at the Crucible, a very noisy busy flashy event. I woke up with a really bad migraine and thought maybe I’d just do the dinner beforehand with my friends and skip the show, but the migraine got so bad I couldn’t even do that. So finally I did the breathing (with about 2 hours to spare before my friends showed up to take me to dinner because I kept putting it off). Not only did the migraine disappear but I enjoyed the whole show with 2 hours of blaring music and flashing lights (major migraine triggers on any day) and it didn’t come back!”

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

More About Healing Touch and Emotional Release

Deep Peace

There is something very profound that happens emotionally when deep relaxation occurs in a healing session. I don’t fully understand it, yet I watch it happen daily in my practice and see how much my clients benefit from it.

My clients usually come for a Healing Touch session for relief of physical pain. Yet in the last few months, I have had clients who came to specifically address emotional issues that they wanted to release and resolve.


Healing Touch is one of the most subtle healing modalities there is and that includes gentle emotional balancing and release. A Healing Touch session is safe, non-invasive and very comforting for anyone in a very fragile and vulnerable state.

Emotional release in my Healing Touch sessions is most often quite subtle. Most Healing Touch sessions are immediately experienced by my clients as relaxing and extremely peaceful. Such a deep state of relaxation is a different state of consciousness, or several states of consciousness that have profound healing effects on the mind, body and spirit.

While supporting clients through a surgery or other physical condition with a series of healings, many clients have appeared to resolve long-term emotional issues. They report back after the session, sometimes emailing months (even years!) later that issues that once obsessed or triggered them just don’t seem that important anymore. This emotional resolution had not been my focus while I was working with them;  As an energetic healer my goal was to balance their energy field so they could self-heal. Obviously a balanced energy field can facilitate even deeper healing and emotional release.

The more I learn about healing, the more I find there is to understand. Healing continues to be a mystery to me. I hold space for this mystery daily with complete trust that what ever needs to happen will happen and that it is indeed all good.

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Healing, Emotional Release and Crying

"White Rose" c. Jeri Lawson All Rights ReservedCrying is underrated.

When I first started my healing practice as a massage therapist, I occasionally had a client that would burst into tears on my table. I was always amazed at how quickly and efficiently a few minutes of crying could release my client’s shoulders and upper back.

If there is crying during a massage or healing, it is usually the pivotal point in the session and the rest of the time is focused on balancing the shifts from that release. While my client is actually crying I usually support their process by placing my hands on their lower back or between their shoulders. Sometimes I just hold the space for them without touching, because I don’t want to energetically override or cut short their process. After the crying, which I try to hold space for as long as possible, I resume the massage or healing.

I know most people don’t like to cry. It can be exhausting, time-consuming and can make your eyes puffy and red for hours.

Yet, as a massage therapist and energetic healer, I have observed that the effects of crying on the physical body and energy field are incredibly beneficial and well worth the process. Energetically crying can open every chakra or energy center in the body. When I check in with clients the day after an emotional release that included crying, they almost always report feeling a much higher level of energy and much clearer mentally and emotionally.

While I don’t intentionally try to make my clients cry, I definitely welcome crying in my massages, healings and breathwork sessions. The space I hold for my clients includes all forms of release and crying is one of them.

This is particularly important for my clients who are going through life threatening illnesses or are facing challenging medical procedures. Many times my clients are holding back their emotions because they don’t want to upset their family and friends who may also be taking care of them. Sometimes this is because they feel it might burden them.

It has NEVER been a burden for me to hold space for a client who needs to release emotionally. It is an honor to be able to support others so effortlessly. I think this is my biggest gift as a healer – to be able to hold a high level of energy without being overwhelmed emotionally. I think I was born naturally wired this way, yet this gift has definitely become stronger over the years.

Writing this post on crying has inspired me to the point that I keep going off topic with so many ideas. I have rewritten this post about 20 times and I think I am just going to end it here and hit the publish button. Obviously this is a rich subject and I’ll write more about emotional release in the future.

The bottom line is: If crying happens during a session, it’s a good thing.

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm,in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. Please feel free to call her if you are interested in a Healing or Breathwork session. Her massage practice is full and she is not accepting new massage clients.

A Year Of Transformation

c. Jeri Lawson 2013 All Rights ReservedI will always think of 2012 as my year of transformation.

One obvious and external change was moving my healing space outside my home after 18 years of business. Getting settled in the new space was a huge and mostly graceful transition energetically, emotionally and financially. I love “going” to work and I love “going” home. This move has definitely brought more clarity to many aspects of my life.

Yet the internal shifts of 2012 feel even more significant. I experience the world and my work as healer very differently now. My previous focus as an energetic practitioner was to understand everything I could about healing, so I could help my clients by being the best healer I possibly could be.

Yet the more I kept learning about energetic healing, the less I realized I actually knew about how healing works. My desire to understand the mystery of healing is now a clear intention to hold space for the mystery of healing to happen. A very subtle, yet very profound shift.

In the last few months of 2012 this shift has set the stage for some pretty incredible sessions. Some of these sessions were quite dramatic and others appeared much more subtle, yet they created deep and profound healing for my clients. There is so much to share in this new wonderful year of 2013!

Jeri Lawson is available for sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

My First Week In The New Healing Space

It’s Thursday night and I’m just about to go home after my first four days of working in the new healing space. I’ve been going nonstop all week and this is the first time I have had to sit down and write.

Last Monday morning, just as I was beginning my first session in this amazing room, it hit me how much I missed my old space. Yet, two minutes after I started working, I suddenly felt completely “at home” and I knew it was all going to be OK.

I really had a lot to let go of before I could really “be” here. I’ve learned so much these last few weeks about work, home, letting go, opening up and enjoying every moment of it even when it’s really hot and I don’t know how to vent my air conditioner.

I am so excited to come back here and work tomorrow.

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