Healing: Letting Go Of Expectations

A few years after becoming certified in Healing Touch I worked with a woman who was recovering from a life-threatening autoimmune disease. When she first came to see me, she was over the most debilitating symptoms, yet was not entirely back to normal. Her recovery had plateaued. She still felt fatigued, and emotionally drained.

For the first 5 or 6 sessions, she made steady progress. She had more energy and started working part-time. It was very satisfying to see the improvement each week.

Then it seemed she plateaued again. She came for her healing every week, but when I checked in with her progress, there was not much improvement emotionally or physically in her life.

At that time, I was very attached to helping my clients feel better, do better, be better. I had a very rigid idea of how that should look. My mission as an energetic healer was to create healing, balance and improve people’s quality of life. I was getting paid to make a difference and was very attached to her recovery.

I was lying awake at night asking myself: Was I really helping her? Was it ethical to keep taking her money every week when there was no discernible improvement? Should I say something?

She appeared happy to see me every week and enjoyed her time on the table. The sessions were extremely peaceful and calming.

Finally, after one of her sessions, I could not stop myself from asking: “What are you getting out of these healings?”

I will never forget her answer. The tone of her voice hit me as if a gong had struck inside my body. She said, “This is the only place I can relax.”

I felt a wave of emotion vibrate through me.

I had to let go of my idea of how healing should happen. I had to let go of my expectations of the outcome and focus on being present. It seemed for many months energy session was teaching me this. 

Once I finally absorbed the teaching, my business went to a whole new level.

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