Clarity Breathwork Tips For Supporting Clients With Sinus and Migraine Issues

Clarity Breathwork Tips For Supporting Clients With Sinus and Migraine Issues

Clarity Breathwork is a powerful modality for healing the physical body. I initially came to Breathwork to release debilitating reoccurring migraine episodes that were significantly compromising my life. It had gotten to the point where I hesitated to book a weekend away from home because I was afraid I was going to be sick.

Breathwork healed my headaches and brought me to an expanded state of balance in my body and my life. The clarity and higher wisdom that came from those first breath sessions also guided me to change my diet – making it possible for me to stay headache-free for the last thirteen years.

Since I started my Breathwork practice in 2006, I have assisted many people in releasing migraines, sinus issues, and even vertigo. Sometimes clients have full-blown migraines during their session and this can be scary. This has happened to me and I learned first hand how to breathe right through them.

In this short article, I would like to share with my Breathwork community three simple tips that have proven to be very useful when working with people healing from migraines. 

Pillow Under Head


A pillow under the head is incredibly helpful. Sometimes I start with a pillow or rolled up towel, and often I just put it under the client’s head when I see or hear the sinuses start to drain. When blocked sinuses release during a breathe with the head tilted forward, the sinus can drain down the throat enabling the client to swallow the discharge or spit it up quickly. When the head is flat, the blockage flows into the head, and this is physically uncomfortable and even scary for the client. Putting the head in this position is also good for people with colds or any type for mucus build up in the head. Depending on the person’s upper body and neck tightness, the chin should be even lower than in this photo.

Open the Eyes When A Headache Arises During The Breathe

Blocked energy releases through open eyes. When the client is experiencing a headache, ask them to breathe with their eyes open. This is really amazing, and I first learned this in my own breathing session with Sophia Arise. I could physically feel the congestion move out through the eyes. Just tell your clients to open the eyes while they are breathing until the headache is gone or significantly reduced. 

Rhomboid Release


My clients breathe on my massage table. I have two sheets under them so I can easily lift up one sheet and slide my hands under their back quickly and smoothly. I curl my fingers and gently apply pressure between the shoulder blades and the spine. It’s easy to feel where the tightness is. This is an excellent move for supporting upper body release and relaxing the muscles around and behind the heart and fourth chakra.  

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

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