Self Care: Food and Diet

I have written several self care posts in this blog. If you click on the Self Care category to the left you will see 10 post including: Self Care: Vacations, Exercise and Rest, Scheduling, and the Healing Power of Community.

You will notice that I have not written about diet and food. That is because I am clueless when it comes to diet. Therefore I have had nothing to say and certainly no advice to give. I was constantly struggling with what to eat and when to eat and never felt like I was optimally supporting myself or my healing practice with my diet. It’s not like I haven’t been consciousness about food. In fact, I feel like I have been micromanaging my diet for years.

Then recently I decided to do something different. I started a raw food cleanse.

Several months before this cleanse all I really wanted when I was hungry were peanut butter sandwiches on non-gluten bread and coffee. Through extreme will power I managed to drink green smoothies with kale and parsley and eat other veggies. I knew I was not in the flow when it came to food.

I don’t think I ever met a carbohydrate I didn’t like. And I’ve known for a long time my last meal would be mashed potatoes. Just mashed potatoes, with vegan butter.

Yet, I know that what I eat directly, dramatically and immediately effects my healing sessions. I have always eaten small meals during the day because it helps me to stay  energized and present during the healing sessions with my clients. During a working day I never eat pasta or even oatmeal. Pancakes put me right to sleep 45 minutes after intake.

Half my healing practice is still massage (which I love) so I need to eat a lot of protein and calories. I also eat to ground myself because eating is a grounding activity. It just is.

While I can’t give any advice on diet and nutrition, I can and have energetically supported clients through their personal process of finding what food nutritionally and energetically works for them. Helping a client clear her energy field strengthens her connection to her inner guidance and higher self so she can move in the direction that is the most healthy for her. With long term illnesses and imbalances intuitive guidance and insights are just a natural part of the healing process.

I have eaten raw food in the past and have responded well to the live food diet, so when I found an email for a raw food cleanse in my mailbox last month by Heather Haxo Phillips from Raw Bay Area I signed up immediately.

As this post publishes I am on day 14 of a 15-day raw food cleanse and have never felt hungry once although I have had many cravings for sugar, greasy food and burritos. I feel like I am finally eating what makes me and my body happy. I have had slight headaches from the detox and have needed more rest, yet I still feel more energized than ever. I am now committed to at least an 80% raw food diet. It just feel good.

I am on the cleanse with about 10 other people and we have a private Facebook group to share our process. This has been very helpful. I have learned so much more than I ever expected. We are using Ani Phyo’s book, 15 Day Fat Blast. Heather is guiding us with ways to slightly modify it so that it works for each of us.

It’s been a high learning curve and I have spent more time in the kitchen in the last two weeks than in the last two years. Going forward, I realize I am going to have to put more time and energy in preparing my meals to make sure I am eating well.

A surprising new aspect of this diet for me was how good fermented foods are for me. Kefir made with coconut milk, kombucaha, and sauerkraut are major sources of probiotics, which promote the growth of good bacteria in our bodies. My first kefir batch was a little unnerving for me, but now I actually like the taste.

One of the biggest improvements in my well-being, besides weight loss, is how mentally clear I feel. I was starting to have days where it was taking me until early afternoon to feel fully awake. So far I feel clearer much more of the time. I’m still detoxing, so I will see what happens next.

The raw food diet is not for everyone, but it’s right for me right now. If you are interested in learning about raw foods and want to take a class in the Bay Area check out Heather’s Raw Bay Area.

The only self care advice I have on diet is find the one that works for you. It’s worth the time, effort and energy.

I feel fabulous!

Chef Heather Haxo Phillips

Heather also teaches yoga and I had a private class with her that was incredible helpful. Check out her yoga classes here.

Healing Touch and Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Quan Yin With Houseplants

I worked with a wonderful young woman who came to me in the middle of her recovery of an autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which is often referred to as (GBS).

GBS affects the peripheral nervous system with symptoms of weakness, tingling and paralysis that begins in the feet and hands and migrates toward the trunk. In extreme cases clients can experience total paralysis, yet most people recover with treatment from even the most severe cases of GBS.

When this client came she had plateaued in her healing process. The onset of GBS had started four months earlier, right after she’d had a flu. She still had severe headaches, pain in her body, nausea, fatigue and felt highly sensitive to her environment. She could not drive or go back to work, and she came to me because she felt she needed an energetic jump-start.

During the healing sessions that lasted about a year and a half, I helped her clear and balance her energy field. She always looked so much more relaxed after each session, the difference before and after was profound. She was eventually able to drive and go back to work part-time.

She told me the first few sessions were the most dramatic for her and helped her release the intense pain she had at the base of her skull and top of her head. She also said the main benefit of our sessions was the deep relaxation she experienced and that it helped her connect with her body in a more positive way.

I know our Healing Touch sessions were deeply supportive to my client. Was it just this particular client or is Healing Touch especially helpful to people with healing from GBS? I know my other clients with autoimmune diseases, such as arthritis and celiac disease, have benefited from Healing Touch treatments.

Note: Just so you know, I always email my clients and get their approval before I write about them. The clients I am describing in my posts are people I’ve worked with years ago. I don’t write about current clients. You can certainly come for a healing and not have a post written about you!

A Healing Shift

Cynthia Hutchinson

In the May Healing Touch Program Community Newsletter there is a brilliant letter by Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP/I, that synchronistically describes my own recent insights. When I first read it I checked to make sure it had not been addressed directly to me. It’s another example of how my Healing Touch community supports my practice.

Cynthia Hutchison is the Program Director for the Healing Touch Program™ and has been studying holistic healing and energy therapies since the early 80’s. One of her many credentials includes a doctoral degree in nursing science. She has maintained a private Healing Touch practice for over 20 years and teaches all levels of the Healing Touch curriculum.

In her letter Cynthia describes how after 30 years of doing energy work she rarely feels kinesthetic sensations and gathers most of her session feedback through common sense, intuition and listening to her clients. Near the end of her letter she has a brilliant quote by Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov:

“…True initiates do not seek to develop mediumistic faculties. They work only to purify themselves, to grow in wisdom, love and self-mastery, so that they can project themselves as high as possible inwardly. Once they reach this peak, the substance of their being is so refined it is imbued with the very quintessence of the universal Soul. This quintessence, in which everything is recorded, enables them to see and feel whatever they wish to know. And so their work allows them to acquire not only power but clairvoyance as well.” – Omraam MIkhael Aivanhov

If I had read this quote a year ago, would I have comprehended the deep significance it has for me? Would Cynthia’s letter have had such a deep impact?

Last year I really thought that the more of my clients aura I could see the better healer I would be. About a month ago in a previous post I describe the realization that this was not true, that seeing auras was not the path to becoming a better healer. Then, before I went on vacation I realized that the one thing I had been basing the validity of my healing practice on – my own tangible common sense experience of doing a healing – was not as tangible and certainly not objective as I thought.

I often feel energy as heat when I give a healing. During a session I had my hands on a client’s knee and I became distinctly aware that I could not tell if my hands were hot or if his knee was just really cold. It was not so much the actual sensation that shocked me, but the distinct shift and instantaneous certainly in my awareness that there was no objective reality in my perception.

This was a huge and profound insight for me. It was also not pleasant. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath me. It was so disorienting that I felt lost. Right after this realization I went to England for my Mother-in-law’s funeral and then took my vacation. I was out of my routine and distracted by the details of travel. I didn’t have to process the ramifications of this new awareness right away. Funny how things work out.

I understand now that my healing journey is not a process of becoming a better healer by developing extrasensory perception. Cynthia stated it so well in her letter. It’s about just being, about letting go and staying clear.

What does this mean?

I’m not really sure, but I have about five half-written posts that I am never going to publish because they are now irrelevant. So many questions feel answered. I have also felt a shift in my sessions. Healings feel even more effortless for me, and still very effective for my clients. There is an absence of striving. I also feel so relaxed. I mean a new kind of relaxed that I would describe as a deeper peace.

So I will just continue with my healing practice and stay open to what happens next. It all feels really, really good.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Clarity Breathworker in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Chemotherapy and Healing Touch

The Labyrinth symbolizes the  journey to our own center and back again out into the world.
Labyrinth: A Symbol For The Journey

I decided to make Healing Touch and Energy Therapy my life’s work because of the sessions I had experienced while working with clients who have decided to go through chemotherapy. I have been working with clients diagnosed with cancer since 2001.

I believe anyone going through chemotherapy should have Healing Touch available to them. I have had so many clients walk into my healing room with muscle pain, nausea, fatigue and headaches due to chemotherapy.  Many suffer mentally and emotionally knowing that they have many more rounds of chemotherapy ahead of them. My clients report feeling so much better after their session. Most clients feel better for hours or days after and some just don’t experience many of the side effects of chemotherapy at all.

Healing Touch sessions are done with the client fully clothed, on a massage table with relaxing music playing. I assess my client’s energy field by feeling the area around their body with my hands. Depending on what I find, I usually do a 15-minute Chakra Connection with at least 30 to 40 minutes of Magnetic Clearing. The Chakra Connection is a gentle full-body technique that connects, opens and balances the flow of energy throughout my client’s physical body and energy field.

The Magnetic Clearing is an essential technique I use when working with clients going through Chemotherapy because it clears excess chemo from the energy field. Before beginning a Magnetic Clearing, I set my intention to clear all chemo out of my client’s energy field not needed to heal the cancer. A Magnetic Clearing is done from 1” to 6” off the body depending on the client’s sensitivity.  I start slowly and gently about 12” above my client’s head and “rake” my fingers over the body about 12” past the feet. Clients tell me afterwards that this is very calming. I repeat this as many times as needed to clear the field. I have Healing Touch sessions that are 90% Magnetic Clearing.

Usually I can feel with my hands the chemotherapy drugs in my client’s aura.  I can also feel the individual layers of the energy field as each level clears.  I have had some clients who just release or shift all at once after many passes of the Magnetic Clearing. I observe them as they exhale deeply and I watch something just click into place. They usually smile at this point.

Magnetic Clearing can help a client’s emotional or mental state by supporting the release of fears, and mental confusion or fogginess—“chemo brain.” Clients have told me that they are more profoundly aware of with their own inner guidance after the session. This makes it so much easier for them to handle the many medical decisions they have to face throughout their healing process.

I have had friends ask me if working with so many cancer clients is depressing. It’s just the opposite. It is actually thrilling to be able to help another person in such a positive way when they need it the most. There is not a better feeling in the world. I have unbelievable job satisfaction.

Please call with any questions or to schedule a healing. If you or someone you know is starting or currently going through Chemotherapy outside the Oakland/Berkeley area you can check the Healing Touch Website for other certified Healing Touch Practitioners.


Special thanks to Suzanne Mittica for her insights and suggestions on this post.

The Universal Energy Field

Hands Of Light
Chapter 6

I first saw the universal energy field when I was visiting my mom in Missouri around 1991. We were sitting on the grass in front of a large pond. It was a clear sunny day, and as we were talking I saw bright white spots of light floating over the water. I remember pointing them out to my mom and she could see them too. I have never seen such large white globs of light as I did on that first day.

A few years later I read about the Universal Energy Field in Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light.  In Chapter Six Brennan describes them as “tiny globules of orgone making squiggly patterns against the blue sky. They seem to be tiny white balls, sometimes with a black spot, that appear for a second or two and leave a slight trail mark and then disappear.”

Now I sometimes see a red and black center in the white globs. I also see them at night in the dark before I go to sleep.

My healing room has two windows. The south wall of the space has three large windows and there is one small window on the east side of the room. The room is full of bright indirect light on sunny days, even with the thick double white curtains pulled closed. In the various healing states that I navigate through during a healing, the most common visible phenomenon I see are the white lights of the Universal Energy Field. During my healings the lights are like little spiraling fireflies flashing bright for a second then fading out. Sometimes the sparkles fill the whole room. It’s nice to see when I’m in a deeper state of consciousness, kind of comforting. Sometimes, too, I just see the squiggle and not the light, like the room is full of dancing gnats.

Everyone can learn to see the universal energy field if they are open to it. A great way is to lie down or sit comfortably outside and look up at the sky. Make sure the sunlight is not shining directly in your face, so your eye and facial muscles can relax. Then just relax, wait and enjoy the moment. As Richard Bartlett says “Notice what you notice.” Suddenly, you will just see it.

I’ve shown my clients and Reiki students the Universal Energy Field.  It’s usually very easy to see right after you’ve had a healing. I still find it thrilling that here is this phenomenon of energy right in front of us and all we have to do is open up to it.

After your next Healing, see if you can see the Universal Energy Field.