Healing, Emotional Release and Crying

"White Rose" c. Jeri Lawson All Rights ReservedCrying is underrated.

When I first started my healing practice as a massage therapist, I occasionally had a client that would burst into tears on my table. I was always amazed at how quickly and efficiently a few minutes of crying could release my client’s shoulders and upper back.

If there is crying during a massage or healing, it is usually the pivotal point in the session and the rest of the time is focused on balancing the shifts from that release. While my client is actually crying I usually support their process by placing my hands on their lower back or between their shoulders. Sometimes I just hold the space for them without touching, because I don’t want to energetically override or cut short their process. After the crying, which I try to hold space for as long as possible, I resume the massage or healing.

I know most people don’t like to cry. It can be exhausting, time-consuming and can make your eyes puffy and red for hours.

Yet, as a massage therapist and energetic healer, I have observed that the effects of crying on the physical body and energy field are incredibly beneficial and well worth the process. Energetically crying can open every chakra or energy center in the body. When I check in with clients the day after an emotional release that included crying, they almost always report feeling a much higher level of energy and much clearer mentally and emotionally.

While I don’t intentionally try to make my clients cry, I definitely welcome crying in my massages, healings and breathwork sessions. The space I hold for my clients includes all forms of release and crying is one of them.

This is particularly important for my clients who are going through life threatening illnesses or are facing challenging medical procedures. Many times my clients are holding back their emotions because they don’t want to upset their family and friends who may also be taking care of them. Sometimes this is because they feel it might burden them.

It has NEVER been a burden for me to hold space for a client who needs to release emotionally. It is an honor to be able to support others so effortlessly. I think this is my biggest gift as a healer – to be able to hold a high level of energy without being overwhelmed emotionally. I think I was born naturally wired this way, yet this gift has definitely become stronger over the years.

Writing this post on crying has inspired me to the point that I keep going off topic with so many ideas. I have rewritten this post about 20 times and I think I am just going to end it here and hit the publish button. Obviously this is a rich subject and I’ll write more about emotional release in the future.

The bottom line is: If crying happens during a session, it’s a good thing.

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A Year Of Transformation

c. Jeri Lawson 2013 All Rights ReservedI will always think of 2012 as my year of transformation.

One obvious and external change was moving my healing space outside my home after 18 years of business. Getting settled in the new space was a huge and mostly graceful transition energetically, emotionally and financially. I love “going” to work and I love “going” home. This move has definitely brought more clarity to many aspects of my life.

Yet the internal shifts of 2012 feel even more significant. I experience the world and my work as healer very differently now. My previous focus as an energetic practitioner was to understand everything I could about healing, so I could help my clients by being the best healer I possibly could be.

Yet the more I kept learning about energetic healing, the less I realized I actually knew about how healing works. My desire to understand the mystery of healing is now a clear intention to hold space for the mystery of healing to happen. A very subtle, yet very profound shift.

In the last few months of 2012 this shift has set the stage for some pretty incredible sessions. Some of these sessions were quite dramatic and others appeared much more subtle, yet they created deep and profound healing for my clients. There is so much to share in this new wonderful year of 2013!

Jeri Lawson is available for sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

“Calming Restless Agitation” An Article By Ann Seckinger, CHTP

c. Jeri Lawson 2012 All Rights ReservedAnn Seckinger is a Healing Touch Practitioner, the Director of Healing Touch California and a Chaplain. She has written several articles about her Healing Touch sessions that I have found very inspiring. Here is one short article on how she used Healing Touch to comfort a woman during her final days in hospice.

I have to mention again how wonderful it is to be a part of such a gifted community of healers.  I am continually learning from other practitioners.  Enjoy Ann’s story.

Notes From A Healing Practice: Aura Gazing

IMG_1622Last week at the Art Museum I realized my aura gazing days were over.

Museums are excellent places to practice seeing auras. The huge rooms with lightly colored and flatly lit walls are very conducive to seeing energy fields. People are easy to focus on as they stand or slowly walk around looking and thinking intently about the art. It’s a perfect set up. After looking at the exhibitions I have always practiced a little aura gazing and have learned quite a bit from it. When the art has particularly inspired me, I have also noticed that I can see the energy fields much easier.

So looking at auras used to be pretty basic; like noticing a woman with a green coat and her lavender energy field. Or seeing a man’s light blue shirt matching his light blue aura. Fairly superficial, but educational and relaxing.

Last weekend I was a bit surprised, because right off the bat I could easily see several colors in everyone’s energy field in the room. I did not even have to relax into it. One man had brighter light on top of his head, then a small gap and then less light around the back of his head. Headache? Irritation? He did not look relaxed.

This was the first time it occurred to me that seeing energy fields of people who are not on my healing table may be an invasion of their privacy. I had never learned anything personal from my aura exercises before except the interesting fashion correlations. Aura gazing was just another layer of people watching.

At the start of this blog I was working very hard to see people’s energy fields because I thought it would make me a better healer. Now I know that is not the case (Check out this blog post). Seeing, feeling and even hearing energy does not make you a better healer. You may not perceive anything while you do a healing and help your client or family member just as much, maybe even more, than another healer with a long list of observations.

I still think for people new to energy work seeing auras is very a validating exercise. When I give talks on energetic healing I will still recommend beginners look at energy fields everywhere – at the museums, on the bus, at the grocery store. Seeing auras can open the door to a whole new paradigm of how the world works.

I have decided my aura gazing days are over though, except when people are on my healing table asking me to help them balance their energy fields. When I’m watching a public speaker, I can’t help sometimes get a flash of his or her energy field, but I guess having people see your aura is just part of being public.

I have to say the show I saw at SFMOMA was magnificent.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

More Music For Healing: Ragas Relax by Chinmaya Dunster

I have been playing Ragas Relax in my healing sessions for several weeks now, and I have received more unsolicited positive comments on it from my clients than any other music I’ve used to date.

When I first listened to it before I actually used it in a session, I thought it might have too much percussion in it to be good for energy work. Yet, during the first healing, I found the music created a very flowing energetic space. This music seems to disappear when you don’t need it and then seems to suddenly be there when you need to reground during the session. Very interesting.

Chinmaya Dunster wrote on his website:

“When I pick up my sarod and prepare to play an Indian Classical raga, I feel as if I am about to enter on a pilgrimage, a sacred journey of discovery. It is a great mystery… these ancient ragas are not just rules of how to play the twelve musical notes; they are spiritual places to be visited.”

Chinmaya Dunster plays sarod, tanpura, swarmandel, monochord and keyboards. Bikkram Singh plays the bamboo flute and Joseph Satralkar is on piano. Find out more by clicking here.

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A De-stressing, Health-benefiting Guided Imagery Session by Belleruth Naparstek

Belleruth Naparstek is a pioneer in the field of guided imagery and many of my Healing Touch colleagues have been raving about her CDs for years. If you don’t know about her work then you are in for a treat when you view this video!

I personally find her voice incredibly soothing and grounding. Belleruth has an effective blend of practical affirmations and energetic suggestions in her meditations that are precisely written and beautifully executed. They are also very accessible to a wide range of clients.

Below is a description of Guided Imagery from her website:

Guided Imagery is a kind of deliberate, directed daydreaming that uses soothing music and narrative to evoke multisensory memory, symbol and fantasy. This combination gently guides the overactive mind into a relaxed, immersive state of healing reverie. It works easily and powerfully for most people, and doesn’t require much from them – just some basic imagination. Many people who have trouble meditating or relaxing do really well with guided imagery.

I highly recommend the first CD in her two CD set “Meditations To Promote Successful Surgery” when you want to relax and visualize a successful operation of any kind. This is the best CD I have found to help you prepare for surgery. The second CD in the set is music only, and while I know many healers who use this music CD quite a bit, I find it a little too repetitive. You should check it out for yourself.

Belleruth has guided imagery CD’s for headaches, depression, weight loss, post traumatic stress, panic attacks… she pretty much covers everything. Her online store is an excellent resource, especially when you want to address specific issues.

Enjoy this moving video of Belleruth doing a guided meditation for stress release.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Healing Touch Supports Client Going Through Chemotherapy and Radiation

This week’s post is a testimonial from one of my recent clients.

“Jeri was instrumental in helping me get through chemo and radiation when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Her gentle healing touch helped me enormously with the side effects of treatment, and consequently I was able to carry on with almost all of my regular activities, including chasing around my three young children! I visited Jeri the evening after each chemo session, and once a week during my daily radiation. I felt exponentially better immediately after each session, and I truly believe that my successful completion of treatment was due in large part to Jeri’s help.”

To read more on this blog about how I support clients diagnosed with cancer using Healing Touch, check out these posts:

Neuropathy and Healing Touch

Radiation and Healing Touch

Chemotherapy and Healing Touch

Please feel free to call with any questions 510-601-9632.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Observations on Pain In A Healing Practice

“Holding Light”

This week I would like to share an intriguing phenomenon I’ve noticed in my healing practice.

As I have written in my post A Healer In The Real World, I’ve had a full-time healing business for well over a decade. I am also a regular human being with regular life experiences and I have reported that I have not started every day in perfect physical or energetic balance.

I have often had very sore muscles before my first Monday morning session after a long weekend hike.  Periodically I work out a little too much at the gym, also creating minor physical discomforts in my body. I also used to have frequent headaches and often used to start my healing day with a low-grade migraine or other noncontagious sinus/allergy head “discomfort” during allergy season.

The amazing thing is that if I start a healing with a slight or not so slight pain in my body, it goes away about 5 minutes into the session. It’s pretty incredible, but I don’t feel the sensation of pain when I am dong a healing. I can sense the space where the pain was (or still is) in my body – like a puzzle piece that was taken out of the picture – but the sensation of pain is gone. This happens in massage sessions too, but too a lesser degree. It tends to occur more when I am doing a Healing Touch technique like Chakra Connection than when I am moving around my client using a technique like Magnetic Clearing.

The pain often, but not always, comes back about 10 minutes after the session is finished. Except for a few occasions it is a lot less intense than before the session.

I know that focusing on something besides pain is a good coping technique, yet this feels different. It’s like there are certain healing spaces/frequencies/vibrations/levels of energy that are above the pain threshold.

I find this fascinating. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar in their healing practice? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

My First Week In The New Healing Space

It’s Thursday night and I’m just about to go home after my first four days of working in the new healing space. I’ve been going nonstop all week and this is the first time I have had to sit down and write.

Last Monday morning, just as I was beginning my first session in this amazing room, it hit me how much I missed my old space. Yet, two minutes after I started working, I suddenly felt completely “at home” and I knew it was all going to be OK.

I really had a lot to let go of before I could really “be” here. I’ve learned so much these last few weeks about work, home, letting go, opening up and enjoying every moment of it even when it’s really hot and I don’t know how to vent my air conditioner.

I am so excited to come back here and work tomorrow.