DSC_4327Jeri Lawson is an Energetic Healer, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner, and Massage Therapist. She has had a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California for the last fifteen years.

She discovered Clarity Breathwork five years ago and with this simple  yet powerful modality created a deep, profound healing in her own physical body and energy system. She is now sharing this incredible modality with her clients.

In her Energetic Healing sessions, Jeri primarily uses Healing Touch and Reiki, but she also draws on her extensive study of other alternative healing modalities to create the perfect session for each client.

Jeri’s gift as a healer is her ability to create a high vibrational field for her clients that is also very grounded and safe. Many people see colors, feel internal energetic sensations, and have other mystical experiences.

Jeri began her full-time healing practice as a Massage Therapist in 1996. She was certified in Healing Touch in 2001, and then became a Reiki Master and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. She is a graduate of Psychic Horizons Clairvoyant Program and The National Holistic Institute. She has also studied Shamanism, Depth Hypnosis, Craniosacral Therapy and Matrix Energetics.

Jeri has helped hundreds of clients work through anxiety, physical pain, emotional trauma and spiritual crisis through hands-on healing. Her intention as a healer is to assist her clients in bringing their energy field into balance so they can heal themselves. She knows energetic healing and breathwork can connect us to our deepest inner guidance, and she has witnessed many miracles in her sessions.

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