Clarity Breathwork is the practice of circular, connected breathing for healing and attaining higher states of consciousness. In a breath work session, the client is comfortably lying on a massage table, fully clothed and breathes deeply for a full hour. As oxygen fills the body and raises the client’s vibration, anything of a lower vibration becomes conscious and can then be released. This includes emotions, past trauma, unconscious beliefs and habitual physical patterns. Jeri is fully present through the session to guide the client through the breathing process. She may ask the client questions to help clarify any emotions, thoughts and energy that may come up, or gently touch the body to help the client stay grounded.

Clarity Breathwork is the perfect tool for releasing unconscious imprints held in the mental, emotional and physical levels of the being. Clarity Breathwork connects us with a higher aspect of ourselves so we can let go of shame and blame, and move into self-acceptance, compassion and love. Jeri has found Breathwork to be an incredibly powerful tool to access and release pain, trauma and chronic conditions in the physical body.


* Bring up and release suppressed emotions and unconscious beliefs

* Release toxins from the cells of the physical body increasing physical vitality

* Heal physical, emotional and mental trauma from the past

* Increase joy and pleasure in life

* Release anything that is keeping you from being fully present in the moment

* Enhance creativity

* Increases one’s experience self-love, self-understanding and accelerate spiritual growth

* Bring clarity to relationship and intimacy issues

* Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance

Call Jeri at 510-601-9632 with any questions.

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