Clarity Breathwork Links 2023


* Facilitates physical healing of the body by releasing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles, and reducing physical pain. Clarity Breathwork founders Dana and Ashanna say that breath sessions increase metabolism and alkalize the blood. 

* Releases toxins from the cells of the physical body, increasing physical vitality

* Brings up and releases suppressed emotions and unconscious beliefs

* Heals physical, emotional, and mental trauma from the past

* Increases joy and pleasure in life

* Releases anything that is keeping you from being fully present in the moment

* Enhances creativity

* Increases one’s experience of self-love, self-understanding and accelerates spiritual growth

* Brings clarity to relationship and intimacy issues

* Accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance

* Deepens Sleep

* Decreases addictive behaviors

* Is a catalyst for transformation 

* Opens up creativity. Great for calling in ideas, vision, and guidance. 

* Breathwork can make the unconscious conscious 

* New studies show that we do not heal through the mind by telling the same story repeatedly. We heal through physiology, through completing things in our bodies. 

* Connects us with god, goddess, spirit, oneness, and all that is. Sondra Ray called breathwork a biological experience of god.

Clarity Breathwork Website, Teachers, and Training:

My all-time favorite prerecorded Breath Session by Ashanna Solaris:

Neurodynamic Breathwork, A very good free online breathe by Michael Stone:

William G. Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Gregg L. Semenza were jointly awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for discovering how cells sense and adapt to changing oxygen levels in the body. Article here:

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