Distance Healing For Covid

Did you test positive for covid? Are you now in isolation?

Now is a good time to book a distance healing. You can schedule a zoom session, or like most of my clients, talk on the phone before the healing and then connect after the session to help integrate your experience.

Some clients fall into a restorative sleep after a distance healing, so sometimes I speak with them several hours after the session or the next day.

Energy healing is safe, accessible, and so supportive physically, emotionally, and mentally. I often receive a healing from another practitioner on my own healing table, and I am still amazed at how practical and effective distance sessions are.


Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing and Clarity Breathwork practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch and Reiki sessions at her healing space and does many distance healings. 510-601-0632 Jerilawson@mac.com

The Healing Spark Of Connection

At this point, I have been doing distance healings for almost a full year.

Lately, I am noticing how powerful the initial connection with my client’s energy field is—that moment when I first click into my client energetically.

Sometimes I can ‘see’ or perceive a flash, or spark, as I feel our energies connect. I really notice it when my eyes are closed. It also doesn’t feel like it is just my energy and my client’s energy – it is a tangible little epicenter. It feels like the joining of limitless energies in that instant of connection.

There was one session in which this spark was all that my client needed. I knew the session was complete in the first 3 seconds of the healing. I confess that I continued the healing; I set an intention to integrate the shift with a chakra connection to lengthen the treatment, but I knew what my client had already received what she truly needed.

When I called her afterward, she was so happy and felt so much better. I asked her as many questions as I could (just to make sure), and she just kept telling me how much more positive she felt and she had so much more energy. She loved it.

The power of connection is so tangible now. All our connections are so profoundly healing. I can’t wait to be able to give and receive hugs again. 🙂

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork Monday through Friday. 



Healing Touch and Reiki After A Vaccine

I have helped many clients over the years integrate flu vaccines with Healing Touch and Reiki. Some people have severe reactions to flu shots and when these clients scheduled a healing after getting a shot, they have reported much fewer reactions afterward. Their shoulder was not as sore, for as long, and they had milder flu symptoms.

I have only supported two clients so far with a distance healing after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. They have both reported feeling better than they expected. One woman has had a history of severe reactions to flu shots and she was expecting the worst after her Covid-19 vaccine. She was pleasantly surprised at how well she did after her session with me. She still experienced some chills, flu symptoms, and fatigue, but it only lasted a few days rather than a full week.

Even if you have only taken the first level class of Reiki or Healing Touch, you can make a huge difference for your friends and family with energy work. Call them up and ask if they want a distance healing. Just try it. See what happens. If you are living with them, you can do a hands-on session. 🙂

Self-healing is also a powerful way to strengthen your own energy system if you decide to take the vaccine.

We have so much support all around us, just waiting for us to tap in. These are the times to dig deep, step up and support each other on all levels.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork Monday through Friday. 510-601-9632


A Testimonial: Distance Healing During Hospice

I would like to share a text I received from a client.  Last month she asked me to do a distance healing for her uncle who was in hospice.

” I wanted to let you know that my uncle passed on Sunday. He declined rapidly and went peacefully. In my last conversation with him, he told me how much he appreciated the session with you and how good he felt the next day – as well as 5 days later! What a testimonial, Jeri, to you and your healing hands. I’m so glad he got that experience with you. He was one remarkable man who shined a very bright light throughout his life. 🌈🙏”

The distance healing had been done on Zoom, and the healing space was so tangible and profoundly beautiful. Even though death was so close, it felt incredibly life-affirming. Energy healing is very supportive for people about to transition – even at a distance.

I am so grateful for this work.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork Monday through Friday. 510-601-9632


Healing And Evolving Paradigms

In this last month, I would describe my experience of energy, of the collective consciousness, as both “thick” and “fast.”

“Thick” in a way that is not bad, or negative, or even emotional, just denser. There are times when walking from my bathroom to the kitchen feels so oddly exhausting. Doing little things like washing dishes or writing emails takes so much more time and focus. It sometimes feels like everything is deep underwater.

These “thick” experiences do not last for very long, yet I still feel slightly disoriented when I return to normal. Maybe that’s because normal also feels like such a continually evolving state of consciousness.

One morning several weeks ago, I woke up feeling the denseness, and I could not shake it off. Thank God I had a distance healing booked for myself that day with Laurie Ratto. That fifty minutes shifted everything. I felt fabulous for the rest of the day, and it was one of the most effective healings I have ever received. It was incredible how different I felt.

I am also experiencing the energy of sheltering in place as “fast.”  I started noticing this before the virus, but it is really amping up now. I have been doing one or two distance healings a day since we locked in place, and it is crazy how powerful these sessions have been.

I do distance healings as if my clients are lying on my massage table. I can feel the energy under my palms moving – fast and intensely. People are healing and rebalancing so quickly. It’s mind-boggling.

I have been doing distance healings for the last twenty-five years, yet only as a last resort, when my clients were in pain and could not get to my office. I knew distance healings were effective, yet the concept of remote healing is difficult to market; I used to find it challenging to ask for $150.00 for something people don’t think is real. I’m not finding it challenging now.

My paradigm of what is possible has certainly opened up. 🙂

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. 510-601-9632  jerilawson@mac.com

Reiki: Volunteering At The Berkeley Humane Animal Shelter

Before Playing With The Puppies, Volunteers Have To Wear Scrubs, Gloves And Booties To Protect The Young Dogs From Contagious Diseases

I was worried that volunteering at an animal shelter was going to be emotionally overwhelming, and maybe even a little depressing.

I was wrong.

I’ve been volunteering at Berkeley Humane for three months now, and the whole experience has been nothing but life-affirming. I am inspired by the staff, the heart-centered volunteers and, of course, the animals.

Right now I am mostly working with the dogs. Many of the dogs are only there for less than a week, so when I say good-bye to them at the end of my shift, I know they will most likely be in their new homes by the tIme I return. There are a few dogs that have been there longer, and each one seems to have a group of volunteers who champion for them and their individual needs. One of these champions is a woman on my Thursday shift. She comes in on Saturday mornings, just to walk one of the bigger dogs before the shelter opens for adoptions.

When I greet the new dogs every week, I am happy they have arrived. No matter what their issues, I know that now they have made it to this shelter, things will only get better for them.

At Berkeley Humane the kennels are heated through the floor, and the space is designed to help the animals feel safe. Every animal gets the medication they need, and there are veterinarians on staff constantly monitoring everything. It’s pretty amazing.

Being around animals has changed me. They have taught me so much in the last few months. I could list a million of these changes, but I don’t want this to be an epic blog post. I will say an interesting shift for me is my sense of time. When I am with the dogs it is SO obvious when I am not fully present with them. When I am feeding a hungry dog or playing with a puppy, I have to let go of the next item on my agenda, even if it is another dog who needs walking.

I became a volunteer at Berkeley Humane, despite my initial apprehension, because of SARA, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association founded by Kathleen Prasad and Leah D’Ambrosio. SARA is a non-profit organization that promotes Animal Reiki and meditation practices for shelter and sanctuary animals.

I have to confess that so far I am not doing much actual “sit down and meditate” Reiki at Berkeley Humane. When I am volunteering, I am cleaning the kennels, feeding, playing ball and walking the dogs. Then – before I know it – it’s time to go. Yet, when I meet an animal that is anxious, sick, or just overwhelmed, I connect with them during the following week in my daily meditations. I have found Distance Reiki to be a very powerful part of my morning meditation practice.

All this has brought me back to the Reiki Precept: Just for today – DO NOT WORRY!


Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.


The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is a genius. If her phone number were listed in my iPhone I would file it under “G”- for Genius. “The Field” is an abridged two CD set from the book of the same name, published in 2007. These CDs contain 2 hours and 20 minutes of McTaggart’s journey in finding a scientific paradigm of how healing works. I highly recommend these CDs for healers and anyone interesting in energetic healing, spirituality, and exploring consciousness. “The Field” has expanded the possibilities in my healing practice and in my life. I hesitate to use the word empowering because that word has been beaten to death with a stick, yet that is exactly what these ideas have been for me.

Lynne McTaggart is an investigative journalist. With her husband, journalist Bryan Hubbard, Lynne McTaggart founded the health journal, “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You.” As a journalist, she studied the medical literature to determine what worked and what didn’t in the healing arts. She realized that modalities like acupuncture, homeopathy, and spiritual healing worked. She then decided the current scientific paradigm of how the universe worked was wrong or incomplete. So she traveled around the world and spoke to prominent scientists from a wide range of disciplines to understand how the universe did work. In this way, she created her theory of “The Field.”

McTaggart’s field is an energy that connects all living things across space and time and provides a practical working model for how healing works. In these two CD’s McTaggart clearly explains how everyone individually has the power to create with intention and how we can collectively heal and transform our world.

The book has basically the same information, but I found McTaggart’s story wonderful to listen to and incredibly accessible in her own voice.

I highly recommend these CDs to everyone. I’ve listened to them many times and have bought more sets than I care to remember for my clients.

Check out Lynne McTaggart’s work and let me know what you think. She has just released a new book called The Bond and I‘m going run out and buy it right after I publish this post!

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