One Healer’s Perspective on Electromagnetic Radiation

Healing Touch is very effective in grounding and stabilizing the energy fields of my clients who are sensitive to Electromagnetic Radiation. The energetic disturbances from Electromagnetic Radiation have manifested in their auras and physical bodies as low-grade headaches, fatigue, muscle spasms, irritability and anxiety.

Electromagnetic Radiation is a difficult subject for me to write about, mainly because I was personally so overwhelmed with the subject when I first learned about it. Yet as an energetic healer, I see that clients challenged with the symptoms of Electromagnetic Radiation, or EMR, can be dramatically helped by addressing and then managing its affect on their life. Electromagnetic Radiation is definitely a factor in my scope of practice as a Healing Touch Practitioner.

"Wires" c.JeriLawson2013AllRightsReservedElectromagnetic radiation includes radio waves, microwaves, infrared light, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays. Mobile phones use Electromagnetic Radiation in the microwave range. We are actually putting small microwaves to our ear everyday. Just using earphones may keep you from getting low-grade headaches. The World Health Organization has classified cell phone radio-frequency as a “possible carcinogen”. There are ongoing court battles about how much the consumer should be warned about the dangerous levels of radiation they may be exposed to when they buy a cell phone.

For years I have been working with clients compromised by Electromagnetic Radiation. I have felt with my hands the effects of EMR in their energy field as a tingling or spiky buzzing all around the body. This buzzing or vibrating is similar to the energy fields of my clients who have just had a radiation treatment for cancer or an MRI. I have also felt the effects of EMR as a very high vibration running up and down the center of my client’s body, like someone had just plucked a very high frequency guitar string.

The sensations I feel with my hands are only the first step in detecting if my client’s biofield is overwhelmed by EMR. It usually takes many sessions for me to tell if a client is specifically EMR sensitive. There are so many other
environmental issues that can cause interference or compromise a person’s energy field – such as air pollution, toxins in food, jet lag, or working close by a MRI machine in a hospital.

I ask my clients questions like these to determine if and how much they are affected by EMR: “When do you feel the most irritable and when do you feel the most calm and centered?” “When do you NOT have headaches?” “When did you first notice this “frazzled” feeling?”

I have also asked them to record their headaches and bouts of irritability over an extended period of time, and found this record helpful in discovering the true cause of their symptoms. I had one client who realized she was allergic to a seasonal tree and another realized her symptoms flared up only when her mother visited, even though she like her mother.

In one Healing Touch session with me, many times what might have been an imbalance in my client’s biofield caused by EMR is brought into balance and stays that way. Symptoms disappear and don’t come back. The cause might have been EMR, but then again it might not have been.

Early on in my exploration of EMR, I had a client who was unable to balance his energy even after several massages and then several healings. I bought a GIA Pendant for him because I suspected electromagnetic radiation might be part of the reason his energy was so out of balance.

GIA Wellness is a company that makes pendants and other products that “…are designed to address the effects of daily stressors, including electromagnetic radiation.”

As soon as my client put the pendant on he said the low-grade headache he had went away. My suspicions were right and the GIA Wellness products have been very helpful in helping him to stay grounded, balanced and healthy ever since.

There are many good products and companies addressing the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on our bodies and lives. I’ve been using GIA Wellness products for over two years now and have been very impressed with the products and customer service. I have a Harmonizer™ in my healing room (it’s on loan to a client as I write this), and cell guards on my phones and computer.

I recommend Asha Stokes in Oakland, California if you are interesting in learning more about the products from GIA Wellness. She is – or was – very sensitive to EMR and the GIA products have greatly helped her and her family. Her phone number is 510-407-0636 and her website is here if you would like to contact her.

I was taking pictures with my smart phone a few months ago and I noticed it was getting uncomfortably hot in my hands. I realized my GIA Cell guard, which neutralizes harmful effects of EMR, had fallen off the phone earlier in the day.  I was so relieved when I found the cell guard a few hours later in my bag and reattached it to my phone. I was surprised at how quickly I had noticed the cell guard was gone and how obviously different my phone felt. I have been using the GIA products for so long now I did not realize what a difference they were making.

Losing then quickly finding the cell guard made me realize it was time to write this post.

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