The Ancient Art of Smudging Is Now Considered To Be A Powerful Antiseptic Technology


Research has caught up with the ancient practice of smudging! This article by Sayer Ji is well worth reading, even though you have to navigate a few pop-up menus and other advertisements.


I have always found the smell of sage to be calming and grounding, so I have been smudging my healing space ever since I started my Reiki and Healing Touch business. Now science is validating this traditional intuitive practice.


It is now proven that the burning of medicinal herbs not only clears aerial bacterial populations by 94% within one hour, but keeps a contained room decontaminated for a full day after the smudging. Even one month after smudging, a room will still be clear of many pathogenic bacteria. I had no idea smudging did all this.


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Articles and Research on Reiki Supporting Cancer Patients

Kim Fleisher
Kim Fleisher

Reiki is available at Penn’s Integrative Medicine and Wellness Program to any patient receiving treatments. Volunteer practitioners have given nearly 6,500 sessions since the program began in 2009.

Read the article written by Kim Fleisher by clicking this link: Reiki: A Light Touch that Helps Cancer Patients

Kim lead the volunteer program at the Abramson Cancer Center and is also a founding member The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia.

I contacted Kim before publishing this post and she emailed back with three other links to more in-depth articles she wrote about Reiki and the cancer care program at Penn:

• Blog Posts about Reiki for Cancer Patients written by Kim:

• Research Article on the Program Evaluation of the Reiki Program at Penn:

I would like to thank Kim for all her work volunteering, organizing, teaching and writing about Reiki. I can not imagine how many lives she has touched by getting the gift of Reiki to those who need it. You are an inspiration, Kim!

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Energy Magazine

The September/October Issue of Energy Magazine


Energy Magazine has been a huge inspiration to me for years. It just occurred to me that I should share it with you.

Energy Magazine is a free on-line bimonthly publication from Healing Touch Program. This is an incredible resource for healers of all modalities. Each issue is sent to you via email and there is a well-organized list of archived issues. If you want to subscribe click here. Enjoy!


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Healing and Intention

Recently Mary Gaetjens and I have been asking sound healers to set the energy for our monthly breath circles. The results have been quite powerful for the participants. It appears they can go much deeper into their process if they tone or chant as a group before their breathe.

Looking further into sound healing, I found this wonderful 8 minute video from the sound healing pioneer, Jonathan Goldman. In it, he talks about his research and shares a powerful “aha” moment about the nature of healing. It’s incredible. Thank you, Jonathan Goldman.

Three Healers Who Write About Energetic Healing

  DSCF4910IMG_4181Rose #1

Since I started this blog two years ago, I have found several other healers writing about their practices and how energetic healing can enrich our lives. In this post I would like to share three of those blogs with you.

The first blog is by Judith Schutz, Judith Treating cancer with Energy Healing (including the Bengston Method and the Domancic Method): A resource on the use of bioenergy healing to treat cancer, with commentary on working with the Bengston Bioenergy Healing Method, the Domancic Method, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, and Reiki.

Besides sharing her immense experience with the above energetic modalities, Judith is frequently challenging the unconscious ways in which our media and healthcare system treat cancer.

In her short, yet profound post “Some thoughts on Roger Ebert “losing his battle to cancer”  she writes:

“This metaphor of cancer as a war that is waged between the disease and the patient has got to go”.

“…We need to find a more useful metaphor, one that gives us new ways of looking at this disease, that will perhaps trigger different, and less harmful, treatments. How about the alternative where we look at the cancer cell as confused? A cell that has lost its connection to the whole that could perhaps be taught to return to normal…”

Judith currently uses all the healing modalities she has studied in the treatment of sports injuries. Click here for her Treating Sports Injuries With Bioenergy blog.

The next blog is from Reiki Master Pamela Miles who has been doing Reiki since 1986. Pamela’s Reiki practice is in New York where she also teaches. Pamela has a wonderful website, yet I received an email from her a few weeks ago stating that she is going to redo it. Her video on Reiki is one of the best introductions I have seen on energetic healing, so I hope she keeps that on her site.

I personally have been very inspired by Pamela’s website. Her commitment, clarity, and years of healing experience make her blog an incredible resource.

There are two subjects she addresses often that I have found particularly interesting. The first one is self-care. Pamela is a big advocate of daily Reiki treatments. Check out her post The Most Important Thing. Since discovering Pamela’s blog, I have made a conscious effort to make sure I give myself daily Reiki treatments. I have really noticed a difference, especially in my emotional well-being.

Pamela also writes about describing Reiki as more of a spiritual practice instead of an energy medicine. In her post Reiki: Spiritual Practice or Energy Medicine? she states:

“As a spiritual practice, a Reiki treatment doesn’t rearrange the biofield as much as it reminds the system of its capacity to self-heal. A Reiki hand sounds the metaphorical wellness chord, the “sound” of which calls the human system to reorganize around its inherent wellness, thereby increasing consonance in the system, and reducing dissonance from within, rather than sweeping it away from outside, as is done by an energy medicine treatment. The Reiki hand may be the soft mallet that sounds the gong, but the resonance, reorganization, and healing come from within. Yes, the practitioner plays a role, but Reiki healing remains essentially self-healing.

In energy medicine, the therapist does the housecleaning, whereas through spiritual practice, we alter our state from within. Reiki is a spiritual practice that has therapeutic applications. That doesn’t make it energy medicine, but it means it can look like energy medicine.”

From this perspective, Healing Touch would then be more of an energy medicine. This is interesting to me because as an energetic practitioner I LOVE Reiki, yet call myself a Healing Touch Practitioner for a variety of reasons too long to list now. When I give myself an energetic treatment I have always felt like I was doing Reiki, so Pamela’s thoughts on this make a lot of sense to me.

The third and last blog is from Barbara Litchfield, a Healing Touch colleague that I have yet to meet in person. Barbara has been blogging since 2007. Her writing style is heartfelt, honest and based on her own healing practice. From reading her blog, I can tell Barbara is a heart centered healer – deeply committed to helping people feel better.

Barbara’s post, Energy Therapy Changes the Energetic Pattern is nothing short of BRILLIANT. If you don’t have time to read it right now, click on the link, bookmark it and save it for later.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

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We Also Serve: A Family Goes To War written by Healing Touch Practitioner Nanette Sagastume

Nanette SagastumeAt Kathy Allen’s Pre-symposium Workshop It Takes a Special Person to Be a Healer, I sat next to Nanette Sagastume, from Chico, California. I know Nanette from many years of various Healing Touch events and have always enjoyed connecting with her.

I also knew that Nanette had just published a book that I had been meaning to order. She had one copy left and I started reading it on the plane on the way home.

I am now in complete awe of Nanette Sagastume.

My jaw dropped at least once every chapter. We Also Serve: A Family Goes To War is an intimate account of how the Iraqi war affected Nanette’s marriage, family, friends and community. Besides being deeply moving, this book clearly describes how Post Traumatic Stress affects the daily lives of soldiers during and after the war and the families who live with them.

Nanette’s son Daniel graduated from Marine Corps boot camp four days before the World Trade Center Towers were hit. Daniel ended up serving in the same battalion, company and platoon that his father, Mario Sagastume, did in the Vietnam war. This book describes the effect of both wars; the similarities and the differences.

Unlike in the Vietnam war, technology such as e-mails and live video news feeds made it possible for Nanette and her family to become connected in real-time to Daniel while he was in Fallujah. Nanette talks about this in the video clip at the end of this post. In the book, Nanette writes about the phone call from Daniel right after a suicide bomber attacked his platoon. After reading this passage I really got it that the soldier’s family really does “go to war”.

The emotional complexity of this book is overwhelming, yet Nanette writes in such a straightforward and brutally honest way – like when she describes her “petty emotions” after Daniel returns home. The amount of CLARITY it must have taken to write this book is staggering, and as I said before, I really am in awe of Nanette.

Nanette is clear even about what she has not personally resolved:

“With the events of 9/11, the next four years challenged my views about the world, patriotism, non-violence, the morality of war and the will of God. Our relationships with many family and friends were fractured over the politics of war. I have yet to resolve questions of the morality of war in general – this war in particular – however, further internal debate was a luxury my heart could not afford while my son was in harm’s way. If my son’s morale was key to his well-being, I could not risk anything that might damage it.”

“…Knowing how polarizing different perspectives on the war’s merits can be, I do not wish my story to be construed as for or against the war. Rather, I believe the military family’s story’s is too important to risk it being dismissed for reasons of politics. With one percent  of American’s volunteering to serve, there is a gap in awareness – even a “disconnect” – about the military family’s experience. Instead, I ask the reader to accompany me, as I relate how our family served, and continues to serve, our county.”

Continue reading “We Also Serve: A Family Goes To War written by Healing Touch Practitioner Nanette Sagastume”

Notes From A Healing Practice: Aura Gazing

IMG_1622Last week at the Art Museum I realized my aura gazing days were over.

Museums are excellent places to practice seeing auras. The huge rooms with lightly colored and flatly lit walls are very conducive to seeing energy fields. People are easy to focus on as they stand or slowly walk around looking and thinking intently about the art. It’s a perfect set up. After looking at the exhibitions I have always practiced a little aura gazing and have learned quite a bit from it. When the art has particularly inspired me, I have also noticed that I can see the energy fields much easier.

So looking at auras used to be pretty basic; like noticing a woman with a green coat and her lavender energy field. Or seeing a man’s light blue shirt matching his light blue aura. Fairly superficial, but educational and relaxing.

Last weekend I was a bit surprised, because right off the bat I could easily see several colors in everyone’s energy field in the room. I did not even have to relax into it. One man had brighter light on top of his head, then a small gap and then less light around the back of his head. Headache? Irritation? He did not look relaxed.

This was the first time it occurred to me that seeing energy fields of people who are not on my healing table may be an invasion of their privacy. I had never learned anything personal from my aura exercises before except the interesting fashion correlations. Aura gazing was just another layer of people watching.

At the start of this blog I was working very hard to see people’s energy fields because I thought it would make me a better healer. Now I know that is not the case (Check out this blog post). Seeing, feeling and even hearing energy does not make you a better healer. You may not perceive anything while you do a healing and help your client or family member just as much, maybe even more, than another healer with a long list of observations.

I still think for people new to energy work seeing auras is very a validating exercise. When I give talks on energetic healing I will still recommend beginners look at energy fields everywhere – at the museums, on the bus, at the grocery store. Seeing auras can open the door to a whole new paradigm of how the world works.

I have decided my aura gazing days are over though, except when people are on my healing table asking me to help them balance their energy fields. When I’m watching a public speaker, I can’t help sometimes get a flash of his or her energy field, but I guess having people see your aura is just part of being public.

I have to say the show I saw at SFMOMA was magnificent.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

New Dimensions Radio

From the New Dimensions website:

“The purpose of New Dimensions Radio is to deliver life-affirming, socially and spiritually relevant information, practical knowledge and perennial wisdom through the voices and visions of those who are asking new questions and are looking at the world in positive and inspiring ways. It is through the exchange of ideas and information that we can be empowered and enabled to meet the future with greater energy and clarity.”

You can catch the next New Dimensions Radio show on Sunday morning at 7am in Oakland, California. Founders Justine Toms and Michael Toms conduct the hour-long interviews that cover an amazing array of writers, healers and spiritual explorers. There are several free interviews on their website and all programs can be downloaded for about two dollars.

I found an interview by Michael Toms of a fairly unknown writer named Bernadette Roberts from 1991 that is priceless. I have already listened to this interview about four times and I know I will be listening to it again.

Last week was Intelligent Evolution with Nicki Scully that you can listen to for free until July 31, 2012

Check it out.

Video of a Healing Presented by Gregg Braden

Should I post this video? Should I not post this video? After emailing a respected Healing Touch colleague for her opinion and thinking it over carefully, I decided to post this 14 minute excerpt of a talk given by Gregg Braden in 2007.

Even though I don’t feel I fully understand all of the implications of this video, I can’t stop thinking about it. What do you think?

This video was sent to me by Debra Wright. Thanks Deb!

Judith Schutz’s Blog: More on the Bengston Energy Healing Method®

After I published my post A Workshop on the Bengston Energy Healing Method, I received a comment from Judith Schutz that started a dialogue I found very helpful and informative. She has had years of experience working with William Bengston and organized many of  his workshops in 2007 and 2008.

Her blog is called Treating cancer with Energy Healing (including the Bengston Method and the Domancic Method). Check out her post, Some Questions About Publicizing the Bengston Method, if you want to know more about how the Bengston Healing Method has been used by workshop participants to heal, or not heal, cancer. Her post also made me realize how careful I as a healer have to be when promoting my energetic practice.

The post was inspired by a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pdf she saw on the internet about Dr. William Bengston, his method and how people are using his techniques. Quite thought-provoking. There is an exceptional 10 minute YouTube video by William Bengston in the post exploring the possibility of teaching other people to heal and the complications encountered in researching that question. He gave the talk at the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).

I have emailed Dr. Bengston from his website asking two questions about the FAQ Judith found. One question concerns recommended treatment frequency and the other question is about who he has endorsed to treat clients with his method. I know he said at the workshop he wants everyone to go out and use his techniques and many people are. I believe the Energetic Practitioners who wrote the FAQ are coming from the best of intentions. If there is a suggested timetable of any kind for Dr. Bengston’s method, I certainly want to know about it.

I am still working with his cycling technique and it is too early to say how it has affected my healing work. I can say at this point that it has made a positive difference in my life outside the healing room. I personally feel Dr. William Bengston’s Healing Method is worth the work it takes to master it. His research is literally “unraveling the mystery of hands-on healing”. His work is so far ahead of the current social paradigm that it is important for me as a healer to stay grounded and centered as I incorporate his techniques and ideas in my healing practice.

Close to the end of this post on Bengston, Judith describes her intentions as a blogger: “I try to walk a fine line in this blog between being enthusiastic and supportive of energy healing but also being level-headed about it.”

I think she is doing an excellent job accomplishing that intention.

Thank you Judith!
Thank you, Judith!