New TV Show on Monday Nights: The Healer

This is interesting. A TV series about a healer named Charlie Goldsmith. The trailers are fascinating. I haven’t been able to watch a full show online yet, but the next one will air next Monday night 10/9c. Check it out.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve watched the show a few times. Charlie does amazing work!

    I feel that the show is a little slow at times with dragged out descriptions of all of their ailments. However, the results are great.

    I’m glad that Reiki doesn’t drain us like Charlie gets drained or sick from his work.



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  2. He does amazing healings, yet I did hear him say in the show’s trailer that he uses “his” energy rather than let the universal energy flow through him. I am going to have to get a TV now, just to watch this show. 🙂

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