Healing: A Process of Learning To Hear Your Body’s Signals

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I would like to thank my client for taking the time to write this testimonial. She knows who she is.

“When I first started seeing Jeri for Healing Touch the whole process was a mystery to me. As far as I was concerned Jeri’s hands just magically made me feel better and more relaxed. Over the years–and with the benefit of taking a Healing Touch introductory class–I came to understand that I could be a healing force for myself. Of course, nobody does it better than Jeri and I still see her for “tune ups”. But now I now can tell when my energy is getting blocked or stuck and I can do a chakra connection on myself to make sure that energy is flowing. I even do a little healing touch on my partner who doesn’t know what it is but he knows it makes him feel relaxed and fall asleep! I am so grateful to Jeri not only for her healing but also I helping me learn to listen to my own body’s signals.”

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California

Observations on Pain In A Healing Practice

“Holding Light”

This week I would like to share an intriguing phenomenon I’ve noticed in my healing practice.

As I have written in my post A Healer In The Real World, I’ve had a full-time healing business for well over a decade. I am also a regular human being with regular life experiences and I have reported that I have not started every day in perfect physical or energetic balance.

I have often had very sore muscles before my first Monday morning session after a long weekend hike.  Periodically I work out a little too much at the gym, also creating minor physical discomforts in my body. I also used to have frequent headaches and often used to start my healing day with a low-grade migraine or other noncontagious sinus/allergy head “discomfort” during allergy season.

The amazing thing is that if I start a healing with a slight or not so slight pain in my body, it goes away about 5 minutes into the session. It’s pretty incredible, but I don’t feel the sensation of pain when I am dong a healing. I can sense the space where the pain was (or still is) in my body – like a puzzle piece that was taken out of the picture – but the sensation of pain is gone. This happens in massage sessions too, but too a lesser degree. It tends to occur more when I am doing a Healing Touch technique like Chakra Connection than when I am moving around my client using a technique like Magnetic Clearing.

The pain often, but not always, comes back about 10 minutes after the session is finished. Except for a few occasions it is a lot less intense than before the session.

I know that focusing on something besides pain is a good coping technique, yet this feels different. It’s like there are certain healing spaces/frequencies/vibrations/levels of energy that are above the pain threshold.

I find this fascinating. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar in their healing practice? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

A New Level Of Energy

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I want to share an interesting healing session I recently had with one of my clients. I’m documenting my work as a healer so that I can help other people understand what happens in a healing session, whether you are a healer or are just curious about receiving a healing.

I gave a session a few weeks ago in which the healing energy was so intense my vision changed to the point where the room in which I was working appeared solarized to me. The dark areas appeared silvery light and the highlights looked dark and shiny.

I felt buoyant in my body, especially in my chest and arms. I felt mentally clear and deeply centered emotionally. I was joyful as my client and I went in and out of this vibrational state throughout the whole session.

For most of this session I did a Chakra Connection, a Healing Touch technique in which I start at the feet and work my way up the body. As I do that, I connect my client’s energy enters. During our session, the surface of my hands felt like they were cramping at every hand position. When the cramping sensation dissipated after a few minutes I knew it was time to move to the next hand position.

I have never experienced this kind of sensation in my hands while I was giving a healing before.

What is this solarized-vision-change about? What consciousness level did the healing go to for me and for my client? I have felt this level or vibration many times over the years, but never so consistently in one healing.  It’s like I’m a surfer in these kinds of healings, riding the energetic waves and holding space for what the client needs in the moment. I intuitively know for sure that this is what the client needed.  She also reported later that it was a very beneficial session.

I wonder if I could have held this solarized space a year ago for a whole session? This was an extremely high energetic state. I realized after this session that I had reached a new level in my healing work. I plan to learn more about it as I work with it in future sessions.

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Solarized Flowers

Self Chakra Connection

Doing the chakra connection on yourself is a wonderful way to ground and center in the morning. It is also helpful to release the stress of the day and prepare you for sleep. At night you can visualize the hand positions and slowly breathe into each position as you make your way up the body.

I recommend that you hold each position one to three minutes or until you feel a “shift.” A shift may feel like a pulsing between your hands. If you are holding your foot, it can also feel like your foot “expands” or “fills up.” You may also experience a shift as the sudden impulse to change to the next position.

I many times feel energy as “warmth” or “fullness.” Energy and energetic shifts can feel quite different from one day to the next.

You may not feel anything at all and that is fine. The energy is still connecting in your body.

I suggest you set an intention for the highest good for yourself as you start the connection and stay as present as you can during the hand positions. Enjoy!

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