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I want to share an interesting healing session I recently had with one of my clients. I’m documenting my work as a healer so that I can help other people understand what happens in a healing session, whether you are a healer or are just curious about receiving a healing.

I gave a session a few weeks ago in which the healing energy was so intense my vision changed to the point where the room in which I was working appeared solarized to me. The dark areas appeared silvery light and the highlights looked dark and shiny.

I felt buoyant in my body, especially in my chest and arms. I felt mentally clear and deeply centered emotionally. I was joyful as my client and I went in and out of this vibrational state throughout the whole session.

For most of this session I did a Chakra Connection, a Healing Touch technique in which I start at the feet and work my way up the body. As I do that, I connect my client’s energy enters. During our session, the surface of my hands felt like they were cramping at every hand position. When the cramping sensation dissipated after a few minutes I knew it was time to move to the next hand position.

I have never experienced this kind of sensation in my hands while I was giving a healing before.

What is this solarized-vision-change about? What consciousness level did the healing go to for me and for my client? I have felt this level or vibration many times over the years, but never so consistently in one healing.  It’s like I’m a surfer in these kinds of healings, riding the energetic waves and holding space for what the client needs in the moment. I intuitively know for sure that this is what the client needed.  She also reported later that it was a very beneficial session.

I wonder if I could have held this solarized space a year ago for a whole session? This was an extremely high energetic state. I realized after this session that I had reached a new level in my healing work. I plan to learn more about it as I work with it in future sessions.

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  1. It’s interesting to hear what you are feeling and seeing during a healing. I like how you explain what you understand and don’t understand yet about your experience as a energetic healer. Right on!

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