Radiation Therapy and Healing Touch

From The Altar of Patty Conway

Many clients healing from cancer decide to do the radiation therapy that their doctor recommends. They also get x-rays, MRI and CT scans to monitor their healing progress, all of which affects the electromagnetic field around their body.

I have found that radiation affects the whole energy field of the body – from the head to the feet – even if the treatment was localized, such as on the chest for breast cancer or at the head for brain tumors. Like chemotherapy, radiation has its own particular ‘feel’ for me when I work in the energy field. I think of it as “disorganized” and “confused” energy. It does not flow smoothly like balanced and healthy energy does.

After “organizing” the client’s energy field with a Healing Touch session the aura feels thicker, stronger and the more energized to me. The client usually reports feeling more energy, less fatigue.  They are able to be more present in their body and more mentally alert and relaxed. All of this supports healing and general well-being of the client.

I am able to use Healing Touch to help clients who experience itching and burning sensations on their skin due to ongoing radiation therapy. Healing Touch can help relieve skin discomfort. After the healing session, I like to show the client how to clear the radiated area themselves as part of their self-care routine.  The radiated area will benefit greatly from being cleared several times a day right after radiation.  Sometimes the discomfort will come back but with less intensity as the body continues to heal.

Please call with any questions or to schedule a healing. I would love to talk with you.


Special thanks to Healing Touch Practitioner Suzanne Mittica for her insights and expertise on this post and the previous Chemotherapy post.

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  1. Dear Jeri, I was bit by a spider 6 days ago on my breast. I now have a staff infection and have to take 2 weeks of cephalic. Today, after evacuating from Coney Island I went to see a country Dr. He was instantly alarmed at the severity but was also amazed at how well it was maintaining. My friend Deb, who is a reiki master Began work on it on Thursday. I noticed a small red dot Monday. By Thursday it was a hot angry amorphous blistery thing. The day after she did reiki I was stabilized. She described the wound she saw. She was guided to excise it and fill it with light. I held steady but still it was painful until today. Since there is staff I am glad I went to see the country dr. I was inspired to write this because Deb is helping me now with the Bacteria not entering my blood or going any further into my breast. She is helping with the topical raw burning pain. I am lying still and receiving reiki healing and anti biotic healing with lots of fresh juice while the hurricane makes her way. I visualize my wee coney island beach pad safe and sound while I am safe and cozy here in the woods. Thank you for this blog. I am learning so much!

  2. Hi Jeri,

    Your observations here are intriguing. What’s the story behind the beautiful photo with the heart in the bird’s nest?

    Yours, Karen

    1. Karen,
      I thought about making an image of the body with electric lines around it or scan some of my documentation from clients going through radiation, but since the subject was so heavy I just used the most comforting image I had. I did the same thing with the chemotherapy blog. I have many images from people’s altars that I have been shooting over the years, so I have quite a lot to choose from.
      Thanks for asking!

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