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After I published my post A Workshop on the Bengston Energy Healing Method, I received a comment from Judith Schutz that started a dialogue I found very helpful and informative. She has had years of experience working with William Bengston and organized many of  his workshops in 2007 and 2008.

Her blog is called Treating cancer with Energy Healing (including the Bengston Method and the Domancic Method). Check out her post, Some Questions About Publicizing the Bengston Method, if you want to know more about how the Bengston Healing Method has been used by workshop participants to heal, or not heal, cancer. Her post also made me realize how careful I as a healer have to be when promoting my energetic practice.

The post was inspired by a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pdf she saw on the internet about Dr. William Bengston, his method and how people are using his techniques. Quite thought-provoking. There is an exceptional 10 minute YouTube video by William Bengston in the post exploring the possibility of teaching other people to heal and the complications encountered in researching that question. He gave the talk at the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE).

I have emailed Dr. Bengston from his website asking two questions about the FAQ Judith found. One question concerns recommended treatment frequency and the other question is about who he has endorsed to treat clients with his method. I know he said at the workshop he wants everyone to go out and use his techniques and many people are. I believe the Energetic Practitioners who wrote the FAQ are coming from the best of intentions. If there is a suggested timetable of any kind for Dr. Bengston’s method, I certainly want to know about it.

I am still working with his cycling technique and it is too early to say how it has affected my healing work. I can say at this point that it has made a positive difference in my life outside the healing room. I personally feel Dr. William Bengston’s Healing Method is worth the work it takes to master it. His research is literally “unraveling the mystery of hands-on healing”. His work is so far ahead of the current social paradigm that it is important for me as a healer to stay grounded and centered as I incorporate his techniques and ideas in my healing practice.

Close to the end of this post on Bengston, Judith describes her intentions as a blogger: “I try to walk a fine line in this blog between being enthusiastic and supportive of energy healing but also being level-headed about it.”

I think she is doing an excellent job accomplishing that intention.

Thank you Judith!
Thank you, Judith!

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