Video of a Healing Presented by Gregg Braden

Should I post this video? Should I not post this video? After emailing a respected Healing Touch colleague for her opinion and thinking it over carefully, I decided to post this 14 minute excerpt of a talk given by Gregg Braden in 2007.

Even though I don’t feel I fully understand all of the implications of this video, I can’t stop thinking about it. What do you think?

This video was sent to me by Debra Wright. Thanks Deb!

2 Replies to “Video of a Healing Presented by Gregg Braden”

  1. Jeri, that’s great! I saw that video when I saw Gregg Braden speak in Santa Fe
    … wonderful wonderful!!

  2. Thanks Jaimee, it must have been a great talk. I’m glad I posted the video. I’ve watched it several times now and will probably be viewing it a few more. When Gregg Braden comes to the Bay Area I will make it a point to see him.

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