Simple Support Strategies To Stay Centered In Daily Life

There are so many easy, yet extremely powerful self-healing meditations and techniques that can help you stay centered and grounded between your healing sessions.

Expanded states of consciousness connect you to your highest wisdom on the healing table. After working with your unique energy field, I can suggest the best ways for you to stay connected to this level of creativity and intuitive guidance. This may include meditations, mantras, affirmations, breathing exercises, earthing, and even Reiki attunements to initiate a daily self-care a Reiki practice.

I have found there are no cookie-cutter techniques that work for everyone, yet after being in a healing state with someone, it is often clear what will be the most enjoyable and helpful practice for them.

The meditation that will center you every morning is the one you will actually do. 

Some people (I raise my hand) find a self-reiki treatment is the most beneficial when I can’t sleep at night, and other people find chanting their favorite mantra or affirmation eases them back to sleep. The meditation that is way too woo-woo for one person may be the miracle tool for another client who has debilitating anxiety attacks.

When you commit to taking care of yourself, you will soon see that intention pay off in daily life. My clients who schedule regular healing sessions are often enthusiastically reporting the benefits of their self-care.

“Last year Jeri taught me a meditation called “Column of Light.” I found the imagery to be so compelling that I continue to use it on a daily basis, whether I’m actually sitting to meditate, or just need to remember who I am. Sometimes, I use the Column of Light meditation in order to gather my power and feel effective again.

Jeri is an energy healer, but she is also a wonderful teacher of how to feel your own energy and channel it wisely.”

– Client

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, Distance Healings and Clarity Breathwork Monday through Friday, starting at 10 am with her last session at 6 pm.


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