Healing, Grounding And Earthing

A few weeks ago the universe aligned in such a way that I had five clients back-to-back in one day. Each session happened to be one of those “break though” healings; intense and profound. What an amazing day! I felt great that night, but the next morning I woke up totally spaced out. I had three healings scheduled starting at 2 pm, and I had to get grounded. 

When coffee, a high protein breakfast and meditating didn’t snap me out of it, I did some Earthing. I took off my shoes, stood barefoot in the garden at my office, and in 20 minutes I felt so much better. OMG, what a difference. I was ready to work.

So this week I would like to share an interview with Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere on Grounding and a few links on the practice of Earthing.

Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere is a well-respected elder, healer, teacher and founder/director of the Healing Light Center Church. Her book, Wheels Of Light, is a classic in the healing arts. 

In the video above, Rev. Rosalyn Bruyere talks about how our physical, emotional and mental functions are regulated in the first three chakras. The first chakra is our primary life force; it even governs the replication of the cells in our body. In western culture, we tend to bring energy in from our head and are not as aware of our connection to the planet. Rev. Bruyere shares that indigenous people are very conscious of also bringing energy from the ground up for support and energy.

Rev. Bruyere states that Healers who are not grounded are much more susceptible to burning out. We all can live more fully and feel so much better when we have the connection and support from the earth.

What I did to ground myself the day after that wonderful healing marathon was called Earthing. When you feel spacey or irritable, just try standing on the grass or earth for 20 minutes and see how you feel. It’s easy, costs nothing, and I swear you will feel different. Click here to read how earthing helps improve sleep, reduces inflammation, normalizes stress hormones, and improves immune response in the body.

Let me know how it goes and have a good week.

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Healing: Grounding and Food, Part Two

Do you eat when you are not hungry?

Do you eat when you are tired, stressed or unfocused?

Food is grounding. Eating makes us feel nourished, supported and more present in our bodies. Many people overeat because they are ungrounded.

Eating to feel balanced and grounded is not a bad thing, especially when you are conscious of what you are doing. In fact, that is the key, making conscious choices of what and when you eat, instead of reacting from habitual emotional patterns.

An energetic healing can get you grounded, and a series of sessions can clear your energy field of emotional blocks, congestion and toxins so your body can stay grounded. People often change their eating patterns after a series of healings, because they feel balanced.

If you are planning to do a cleanse or change your diet, a hands-on-healing can be an excellent support. Here are a few other ways to reground:

  • Go outside and walk or stand barefoot on the earth. Click here for more information on earthing.
  • Take five slow connected breathes deep into your belly. This is also quite energizing.
  • Visualize that grounding cord I wrote about last week. It really works.

Click on the photos and check out Cindy Kastner’s plant-based company – Taking Root. She has a passion for food and health, and her business is all about healing. There is so much love in every dish!

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