Assisting a Healing Touch Level Three Class

Last weekend I assisted a Healing Touch Level Three class taught by Carol Kinney. I had originally taken Level Three in 1999 during my Healing Touch Certification training.  Level Three techniques work in a higher dimension of the human energy system than Levels One and Two. After almost twelve years of doing Healing Touch I thought it would be a good idea to review and refresh my knowledge of these multidimensional techniques to better serve my clients.

What a fantastic two days! I gave and received many healings while working with the students, and received Carol’s demonstration of the interventions for the 5th 6th and 7th layers of the aura. Carol commented during my healing that she felt some tears in the 7th layer of my field. She demonstrated how much faster the healing is in the 7th layer compared to the layers closer to the body. I felt the difference right away!  I feel that healing alone created a profound shift in my energy field.

I am still integrating the energy from the class into my physical body and will probably be doing so for the next few weeks. An immediate change I’ve experienced: My daily meditation practice has been revitalized. I am doing the Core Star Alignment and Hara Line meditation daily to sustain this new vibration in my field. I feel grounded, energized and, really, just full of joy.

The class was held in the beautiful and spacious home of Martha Engelbert. Jan Perez was also assisting the class and Suzanne Mittica was the coordinator. There were 7 students taking the class for the first time, plus Carol and her sweet little dog, Hogan, who was recovering from surgery.

The first time I took the class I remember how many of the techniques felt more imaginary than practical as I learned them, like I was only pretending to move energy instead of actually doing anything useful. This time around I felt all the higher energetic levels effortlessly and the work was so tangible. The students in the class all seemed to get it right away. It was wonderful to be in a healing space with this incredible group of people for two days.

Carol will be teaching her next Level Three Healing Touch class on December 11-12, 2011.

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