When Healers get Sick, then what?

The hardest and most difficult issue I have had to come to terms with in my healing practice is having to cancel clients when I am sick.

Having to cancel clients still brings up many personal issues and insecurities for me. I still have the unconscious belief that “Healers should not get sick.” I also hate letting people down. I hate not being able to show up. When I get sick I usually feel anger and then direct it at myself. Hard to admit, but true.

The only thing worse than being sick and not being able to show up for my sessions is showing up and getting my clients sick.

I wish I could write that with all my healing experience over the years I have overcome these nonproductive emotional responses. I wish I could say that when I get a cold I just calmly and logically notify my clients that I am contagious, and then rest all day. But I don’t, I still cycle through a harsh self-critique and then come to terms with calling my clients. I do move through the whole process pretty quickly now and the emotional charge is much less.

When I do get sick, I can also report that I always get to a place where I do take very good care of myself. I nurture my body and treat myself with compassion. This is a huge accomplishment in my personal book of “Jeri’s Lifetime Achievements”.

I am always learning.

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4 Replies to “When Healers get Sick, then what?”

  1. I can totally relate to what you are saying. In the past I use to think perhaps I was not a good healer if I became sick. Now I know it is just my body telling me to take even better care of myself and I will be able to better serve my clients when I return. Clients are also more understanding then we think. They appreciate not being exposed to illness.

  2. Hi, Jeri. I appreciate your genuineness here. Just because we are healers, even Reiki Masters, does not mean we are enlightened. And even enlightened people get sick. What makes us think that we are beyond the body? More importantly, we need to be *in* the body. And even more important than that – which you demonstrate so beautifully – is we need to be loving and respectful to ourselves, even to the “negative” emotions. The more we can be loving and respectful to all parts of ourselves, the more whole we become, even in our dying moments. Thank you for bringing this out so beautifully, Jeri!

  3. Siddheshwari,
    Thanks you so much for your thoughtful comment. As you may have guessed I caught a cold/flu last week and had to take two days off. It was good to write about it.
    I have always been inspired by your self-care over the years.

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