Trusting the Energy: A Healing Touch Practitioner’s Journey

I’ve had amazing healing sessions from people right after they have taken their first Healing Touch class. As I have written before, I see people catching on to energy work much faster now.  Noticing this made me reflect on my personal healing journey and look at how my years of experience as a healer has influenced my practice.

For me, the most important thing I’ve acquired as a healer is complete trust of the energy. This trust is the greatest gift my healing practice has given me.

I can look back now and see three basic stages in my healing journey. Keep in mind that this reflection is specific to me, although I have heard other healers dealing with similar issues as they’ve become more experienced and adept as healing practitioners.

The first stage I vividly remember was the “Wow, this is incredible!” stage. This happened for me in my first Healing Touch Level One class, about the middle of the second day.  This was a fun stage.

Then after about 6 months of Healing Touch training and practice, I entered the “WOW, this stuff is really powerful. Could it be dangerous?” stage. This stage I would also call the “Oh, my God!” stage. This stage came for me right after a wonderful, yet dramatic session with a lot of muscle release for my client. Besides being a pivotal session for me, it was a life changing and very positive one for my client.

After experiencing this particularly powerful healing, I felt afraid instead of feeling more confident. I saw that Hands-on-Healing could be intense. This stage was not fun. Thankfully it did not last long.

The next stage I call it the “Trust the Energy Stage.” This is where I am now. The more I work with energy, the more I trust it.

This stage has never ended for me. It just gets deeper and more profound as I keep giving healings. I trust that whatever happens or does not happen in my sessions is what is supposed to happen or not happen. This is a huge deal. Really huge.

This trust includes the more subtle sessions to the more dramatic ones. This sounds easy and obvious, but when I am working with someone with physical pain that is an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, this certainty, this ability to trust the energy is invaluable and allows me to hold a higher frequency of healing for my client. Trusting the energy makes it possible to get my ego, and get myself out of the way of the healing.

Complete trust in the energy also gives me the grounding and balance to work with a client through an extended period of time, such as through ten chemotherapy sessions. Yes, I have to be grounded giving someone one healing, but holding a high energetic space for a client going through 5 weeks of radiation takes a whole other level of certainty and trust.

Learning to trust the energy was not just a shift in my healing practice, but a profound shift in my consciousness. This trust, this awareness of the energy never stops evolving and continues to deepen with each session.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Clarity Breathworker in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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  1. I had the same experience! First the “wow!”, then the “is this safe?”, and then the absolute trust. When I asked “is this safe?” treatments became temporarily less powerful, so then I also threw in the question “is this really real?” No doubts now. My meditation teacher told me that the statement “I can heal” should have the same reality, and the same vibration, as “I have brown eyes.” I cannot dispute the fact that I have brown eyes, I cannot take credit for having brown eyes, and I cannot think that it’s a big deal that I have brown eyes. It’s just there, a part of me, and absolutely natural.

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