A Video About Healing Touch By Practitioner Denise DeForest Pastoor

Denise DeForest Pastoor is psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, Holistic Integrative Health RN educator, and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor in Greensboro, NC.

Just watching Denise share Healing Touch with her client made me so RELAXED! See if you find watching this video incredibly peaceful! Also check out her beautiful website at http://www.sunstonewellness.com

Thank you, Denise.

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A Video and Story of Self-Healing

Yolanda Calderon
Yolanda Calderon

Here is an engaging video about self-healing from my friend Yolanda.

Besides the inspiring story of how she healed arthritis in her neck, the stretches I did with her as I watched this video opened my 4th (heart) and 5th (throat) chakras. Exercise is an excellent way to keep your energy centers open.

The chin tuck, platysma and trapezius stretches were my favorite movements. I have also been squatting more often these last few days, since Yolanda first told me about how beneficial it is, and I am surprised at how much looser my hips are.

Enjoy the video!
Thank you, Yolanda.

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The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic

Below is a very sweet video about the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland, California.

I have been volunteering at the clinic for about eight years, and I have learned so much about energetic healing, neuropathy, lymphedema and the body’s innate ability to heal itself. After every shift, I feel so much gratitude. Gratitude for the sacred space I share with the clients, gratitude for everything I learned that day, gratitude that a place such as Charlotte Maxwell even exists.

The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic provides holistic healing services to low-income women with cancer. This includes Acupressure, Acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Massage, Reiki, Qigong, Healing Touch, Feldenkrais, Chinese Herbs, Western Herbs, Homeopathy, and Guided Imagery. There are also self-help workshops and classes for the clients on lymphedema, cooking, yoga and breast cancer rehab. Here is just one amazing fact from CMC’s website:

“Women who participated in any moderate-intensity recreational physical activity, such as brisk walking, after breast cancer diagnosis had an approximately 64% lower risk of death than inactive women.”

Read more about the benefits of exercise by clicking here.

If you want to come to the clinic, all you must have is a cancer diagnosis. You don’t have to prove you are low-income.

You also don’t have to be a healer to volunteer. The clinic needs drivers, interpreters and support staff, too. Volunteer Trainings are held 4-5 times per year, and they take place over the course of one weekend.


It really is all about the love.

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 8 pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California

A Video Report: Healing Touch Therapy Reduces Pain And Anxiety

I just love this little news video about Healing Touch. Click here to watch it.

I love the shot of a women receiving a session with her full-length boots on. I love hearing about another headache that was released with energy work, and I love the fact this was made in Ketchum, Idaho.



Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10 am to 8 pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California

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Healing Studio Window


Self-Mind Clearing: The Video

Penny Burdick, MD, HTCP is a board-certified holistic family physician. She retired from an active family practice of 31 years at the end of 2011.

Dr. Burdick created a modification of a Healing Touch technique called Mind Clearing that you can easily do on yourself. Self-Mind Clearing is a set of hand positions that balances the energy flow within the brain and relaxes the mind. Her Self-Mind Clearing technique has been approved by the Healing Touch program and was published in the March-April 2015 edition of Energy Magazine.

Try it right now!  Click below to watch the video and follow along with Sita Thompson, who demonstrates the complete technique.

You can also check out her blog here:  http://mandalahealingtouch.com/self-c…/self-mind-clearing-2/

Thank you, Dr. Burdick!

Stand Down: Healing Touch For the Veterans on the Delta

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The Healing Touch Community in the East Bay is very committed to supporting the Veterans. One of the ways we give back to the Vets is bringing Healing Touch to the Stand Downs.

Stand Downs are held all across the country. They are one to three-day events that provide services to homeless veterans. They provide food, Social Security benefits counseling, shelter, clothes, haircuts, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, various health screenings, and much more. Often there is also massage, Chiropractic treatments and, as you might have guessed, Healing Touch available.

Last Saturday, I participated in the Stand Down on The Delta at the Contra Costa Fairgrounds. Here is a link to an article in the Contra Costa Times that gives you an idea of what the Delta Stand Down was like.

The whole event was so well organized. I just love that. Our Healing Touch coordinators are beyond amazing. There must have been twenty emails preparing us for the event. We had all the information we needed: directions to the grounds, where to park, where to get our shirt and badge, what to wear, what to bring, good snack suggestions – we were prepared!

Being in a healing space from 9 to 5 was quite extraordinary, as well as intense, and all that preparation came in handy. The coordinators were always on patrol in the Healing Touch tent, encouraging us to take breaks, eat snacks, stay hydrated and take good care of ourselves.

The healing sessions lasted about 30 minutes, and on Saturday, the day I volunteered, there were about nine healers. Some Healing Touch Practitioners signed up for both days.

It is wonderful to do healing work in a group. Even though the sessions were one- on-one, it felt like we were all working together. It was an incredibly loving, healing, and supportive environment for the Veterans.

Healing Touch Coordinator Suzanne Mittica wrote:

“I am always amazed at the generosity of spirit, the unstinting extension of personal skills of just darn nice people who volunteer for the many tasks of a successful Stand Down. It doesn’t matter what role we play in the rest of our life, we become the many with one purpose: to show the vets someone cares.”

I would like to thank Healing Touch Practitioners and Stand Down Co-coordinators Nancy Khlafallah and Suzanne Mittica. They spent the last year getting this event organized. Also thank you to Assistant Coordinator Cindy Durant and Helper Maryanne Mitchell.

I posted this video on how beneficial Healing Touch can be for Veterans once before, but it is such a good video, I had to post it again. I can’t link it directly from my blog, so after you click on the video box, then just click the word “YouTube” at the bottom of the video. That will take you right to a YouTube video you can easily watch. This video pretty much sums up why I volunteer at Stand Down:


Are Healers Really Flow Hackers?

I’ve been reading and thinking about Flow.

What is Flow?

To use Jason Silva’s descriptions from the first video below, it’s that state in which time slows down or speeds up, self vanishes, action and awareness merge. Flow is an effortless state that silences our inner critic.

Abraham Maslow called Flow “a peak experience.” In the 1970s, James Fixx described Flow as “a runner’s high.” Los Angeles Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson calls it “being in the zone” and Miles Davis spoke of it as “being in the pocket.”

As a healer, I call Flow “sacred space”. Sacred space is where healer and client become one, where there is no time, where the more “I” get out of the way, the more effective the session.

I find it fascinating to see how other people are experiencing Flow and how powerful this state is. In the second video, Jamie Wheal tells the story of how his first Flow experience changed him: “I was different. I found what I had been seeking; I was home for the first time in my life.”

Jamie Wheal is a founder of the Flow Genome Project. Jamie and co-founder Steven Kotler’s website used to state:

“Flow states are now known to optimize performance, enhance creativity, drive innovation, accelerate learning, amplify memory and underpin happiness itself.”

Steven Kotler’s website is now the Flow Research Collective.  Click on the link for more information.

Are Healers really Flow Hackers?

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