Healing Music by Peter Kater and Christopher of the Wolves


Music can be a very supportive presence in healing sessions.

Here is a video of Heaven’s Window by Peter Kater from the album Element Series: Etheria. I have been using this track quite a bit in my recent sessions and it is powerful. It is only just under eight minutes, so I set my playlist to “repeat song” and let it repeat for full one-hour healings.

Music sounds very different when in the healing state. The current energies of the day also influence the music I choose for each session. I even find that what works for me one day can irritate me the next, and certain music I have been using for months, can just suddenly not feel “right” anymore.

Note to other healers: At this point, I don’t play any music at all when I work with musicians. They are usually too mentally activated by sound, so I have found it helpful to just work with the ambient noise in the room.

I would also like to share this wonderful CD Aurora by Christopher of the Wolves. I was just playing it for myself in between sessions but suddenly started using it at a low volume for healings and it was perfect. This CD is my favorite.


Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. 
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3 Replies to “Healing Music by Peter Kater and Christopher of the Wolves”

  1. Thanks, Jeri. What etherial music from Peter Kater – I’ll definitely get that piece to use during healing sessions. I already use his album “Compassion” as it is just over an hour of continuous soothing healing music.
    The hand pan drum music from Christopher of the Wolves is totally new to me, and also quite lovely. Not something I would have thought of for use in healing work, but it would indeed be ideal for a few of my clients.
    Just a few months ago, I bought a GUDA tongue drum (from the Ukraine) – more bell like tones than the hand pans. So far, have tried putting it directly over a chakra on the client and toning certain notes – she said it felt wonderful, so this is also something that may be useful in certain sessions.
    Love your posts! Namasté,

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