Healing, Self-Tuning and the Ocarina, Part Two

I have learned that when I become obsessed with something that seems totally crazy and appears out of my current realm of practical application, not to question it. I now realize these compulsions are my higher guidance in high gear. I had no idea why ocarinas became such a passion for me a few years ago; I just knew I had to explore everything about them.

Then I met Alan Tower, Stonewhistle maker Hans Houkes, and discovered the Huaca and Innate. Below is a video of Hans and his breathtaking ceramic instruments:

The Huaca (wah-ka) was originally developed by ceramist Sharon Rowell in the 1980’s here in the Bay Area. Initially, she was trying to imitate the sound of the San Francisco Bay foghorns, and by the end of her instrument making career, she was building beautiful multiple-chambered ocarinas – or Huacas.

Alan Tower, one of the founders of The Resonance Center and a professional Huacaplayer, brought Hans in contact with Sharon Rowell’s Huacas and together Hans and Alan have developed the Innato or Innate. Below is my Innate that just arrived last Wednesday.

The word “Innato” means inborn, unlearned. It’s inside all of us. This instrument connects sonically to our pure innateness, and is playable by anyone with hands and ears. In just a few minutes it gives an experience that shifts or opens your perception of the moment.

– from Hans Houkes website

The Innate is where my higher guidance was leading me. When I play this sacred meditation object, I can feel the vibration all through my body, and then my body dissolves into the sensation. The world disappears. And then there is just the sound. 

For more information on the Innate click here: http://www.stonewhistle.com/innato/

If you are interested in learning how to purchase the Innate in the United States, contact Alan Tower at alan@TheResonanceCenter.com.

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