A Year Of Transformation

c. Jeri Lawson 2013 All Rights ReservedI will always think of 2012 as my year of transformation.

One obvious and external change was moving my healing space outside my home after 18 years of business. Getting settled in the new space was a huge and mostly graceful transition energetically, emotionally and financially. I love “going” to work and I love “going” home. This move has definitely brought more clarity to many aspects of my life.

Yet the internal shifts of 2012 feel even more significant. I experience the world and my work as healer very differently now. My previous focus as an energetic practitioner was to understand everything I could about healing, so I could help my clients by being the best healer I possibly could be.

Yet the more I kept learning about energetic healing, the less I realized I actually knew about how healing works. My desire to understand the mystery of healing is now a clear intention to hold space for the mystery of healing to happen. A very subtle, yet very profound shift.

In the last few months of 2012 this shift has set the stage for some pretty incredible sessions. Some of these sessions were quite dramatic and others appeared much more subtle, yet they created deep and profound healing for my clients. There is so much to share in this new wonderful year of 2013!

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“Calming Restless Agitation” An Article By Ann Seckinger, CHTP

c. Jeri Lawson 2012 All Rights ReservedAnn Seckinger is a Healing Touch Practitioner, the Director of Healing Touch California and a Chaplain. She has written several articles about her Healing Touch sessions that I have found very inspiring. Here is one short article on how she used Healing Touch to comfort a woman during her final days in hospice.

I have to mention again how wonderful it is to be a part of such a gifted community of healers.  I am continually learning from other practitioners.  Enjoy Ann’s story.

Healing Touch Supports Client Going Through Chemotherapy and Radiation

This week’s post is a testimonial from one of my recent clients.

“Jeri was instrumental in helping me get through chemo and radiation when I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Her gentle healing touch helped me enormously with the side effects of treatment, and consequently I was able to carry on with almost all of my regular activities, including chasing around my three young children! I visited Jeri the evening after each chemo session, and once a week during my daily radiation. I felt exponentially better immediately after each session, and I truly believe that my successful completion of treatment was due in large part to Jeri’s help.”

To read more on this blog about how I support clients diagnosed with cancer using Healing Touch, check out these posts:

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Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Observations on Pain In A Healing Practice

“Holding Light”

This week I would like to share an intriguing phenomenon I’ve noticed in my healing practice.

As I have written in my post A Healer In The Real World, I’ve had a full-time healing business for well over a decade. I am also a regular human being with regular life experiences and I have reported that I have not started every day in perfect physical or energetic balance.

I have often had very sore muscles before my first Monday morning session after a long weekend hike.  Periodically I work out a little too much at the gym, also creating minor physical discomforts in my body. I also used to have frequent headaches and often used to start my healing day with a low-grade migraine or other noncontagious sinus/allergy head “discomfort” during allergy season.

The amazing thing is that if I start a healing with a slight or not so slight pain in my body, it goes away about 5 minutes into the session. It’s pretty incredible, but I don’t feel the sensation of pain when I am dong a healing. I can sense the space where the pain was (or still is) in my body – like a puzzle piece that was taken out of the picture – but the sensation of pain is gone. This happens in massage sessions too, but too a lesser degree. It tends to occur more when I am doing a Healing Touch technique like Chakra Connection than when I am moving around my client using a technique like Magnetic Clearing.

The pain often, but not always, comes back about 10 minutes after the session is finished. Except for a few occasions it is a lot less intense than before the session.

I know that focusing on something besides pain is a good coping technique, yet this feels different. It’s like there are certain healing spaces/frequencies/vibrations/levels of energy that are above the pain threshold.

I find this fascinating. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar in their healing practice? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

Healing Touch: A Client with Back Pain

My Healing Room

I worked with a woman who had serious back pain for 3 years before she came to see me. There were months when she could not sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes or walk for more than half an hour because of the lower back pain she was experiencing. She is a lawyer and, because of her pain, she had to work on her computer lying down.

She initially came to me for a massage, but because her body was so sensitive I suggested a Healing Touch session instead. Healing Touch involves the gentlest of touches and can be done not touching the body at all.

For her, Healing Touch turned out to be the only thing that gave her any relief for years. It did not “cure” her, but our sessions gave her body the chance it needed to rest from the sensation of pain, which was exhausting her, so she could eventually develop the energetic and physical strength to go to a chiropractor. Dr. Michelle Reddel helped her address some of the structural issues her body she was dealing with.

When she arrived for our sessions she was usually in severe pain   — a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the most painful. In our healings the pain always left in the first few minutes of the session. It was really amazing. Her body would then frequently spasm during the sessions, often just a quick kick or leg release. Sometimes her hip or shoulder muscles would rhythmically contract and release for several minutes. The healing were very relaxing for her and she would then be pain free after the session for several days. From my perspective, that gave her body time to rest and heal.

We worked together for 5 years. During that time I always wished our healings would “cure” her pain, yet I was always in awe of how effective our sessions were in relieving her pain. I have no doubt that it was not me that was doing the healing, but that I was definitely accessing and supporting something in her energy field that was healing her.

She now enjoys a life of normal activity. I continue to see her and give her Healing Touch sessions maybe once a year now if she has a flair up or just needs a “tune up.”

Many thanks to my client who approved and help edit this post.