Healing After Surgery

Healing Room
Healing Room

As Healing Touch Practitioner Janna Moll writes: “Clients tend to come in batches”*

The latest wave of clients in my healing practice have been contacting me for pain management and healing after surgery.

Post-surgery sessions are where I have seen people cynical of energy work join the Healing Touch fan club. I had friends who would roll their eyes at me when I talked about the benefits of energy work, yet after a post-surgery session they enthusiastically starting referring clients to me.

The most obvious effect of an energy session after surgery is the reduction of physical pain. For ankle and knee surgeries, clients have said they had no pain. It’s quite amazing.

Another incredibly wonderful thing is the clearing of anesthesia from the body, helping reduce nausea and headaches.

The third factor that I find immensely helpful is that Healing Touch helps my client relax and let go of anxiety. This helps them sleep so much better.

I feel like I am on a soap box here, but I can’t help it. Healing Touch and Energy work are SO HELPFUL when recovering from surgery. If you are getting ready to have surgery, find a Healing Touch Practitioner or another energy worker to give you a healing as soon as possible after the surgery. Having a session before surgery is also recommended.

Many hospitals – such as the Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center – have volunteer programs where Healing Touch is readily available. That means it’s free!

Click here for a list of facilities that have Healing Touch. Many nurses are also Healing Touch Practitioners, so ask your Hospital if Healing Touch sessions are available. Click here for a link to Certified Healing Touch Practitioners all over the country.

Energy work makes a difference.

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California

*”Practitioner Development”  Energy Magazine May/June 2015 Janna Moll MSN, CMT, HTCP/1

3 Replies to “Healing After Surgery”

  1. Wonderful descriptions of the benefits of pre- and post-operative Healing Touch sessions, Jeri. In my HT practice, I find that the session before surgery helps significantly with reducing anxiety, preparing the body to accept the surgical procedure, and can reduce blood loss.

    Done immediately after surgery, in the recovery room, if possible, or distance healing if it can’t be done in person, the side effects of anesthesia can be greatly reduced or totally resolved. One of my clients went from severe nausea not helped by strong IV nausea medications to being totally free of nausea after a 20 minute session of Healing Touch.

    Healing of the surgical site is usually faster, as well. Some of my clients said their surgeons were amazed at the rapid healing noted on the follow-up office visit after surgery.

    So, like you Jeri, I am a real cheerleader for Healing Touch for those undergoing surgery.

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