Breathwork Epiphany

Breathe StoneI have had several epiphanies in my Breathwork practice over the last five years. Insights that have fundamentally shifted my experience of being in the world.

One epiphany came to me while breathing with Clarity Breathworker and Trainer Andrzej Skwira. Part of the requirements to becoming certified as a Clarity Breathworker is to receive ten breath sessions with a man and ten sessions with a woman. I chose to do my ten “male” sessions with Andrzej.

My work with Andrzej was much more subtle, but just as profound, as the first 17 Breathwork sessions I had done with Maggie Ostara. You can read an article I wrote about my Clarity Breathwork journey here.

When I started breathing with Andrzej I was listening to CDs by Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle. I had begun to sense a block or some kind of interference to being fully present and in the moment. Becoming more present became the focus of my work with Andrzej.

After each session with Andrzej, I felt a deeper, more tangible awareness. I also became more aware just how not present I was.  This resistance felt different at different times, during the Clarity Breathwork sessions and also in everyday life. Sometimes it felt like a fogginess. Other times I felt a tiredness and a sense of being bored.  And sometimes I felt like I was just slightly removed from my life. I found these experiences uncomfortable and frustrating and was very motivated to move through them.

During one of my later Breathwork sessions with Andrzej, I realized that I was resisting my resistance to being present. Bam! When I stopped resisting my resistance to being present, I instantly felt present and in the moment.

This was a subtle but radical shift with a very physical sensation, like my whole being just “clicked” into place. My senses felt sharper. I feel to this day that from that moment on I experience life differently, so much more clearly.

Weeks after this realization, I also found that just by acknowledging my resistance and my impulse to change whatever I was experiencing, I felt more compassionate and less judgmental towards myself everything and everyone in my life. It was really amazing and yet so, so subtle. It was like opening a door to a new level of being.

I decided to write this post after working with a Breathwork client who had her own life-changing epiphany in our sessions together. It is such a privilege to assist and witness these deep transformations. Breathwork is miraculous.

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