Energetic Releases

Connecting.Most people who come for a Healing Touch Session expect to feel relaxed throughout the session. Every so often I have a session where the opposite happens, and a client will experience an energetic opening that can feel invigorating for a few minutes. These are sessions in which an energetic block is released and the body is flooded with energy that was constricted and held back my client’s basic life force.

These unexpected, yet welcomed sessions can have a very positive and lasting effect on my client’s general energy level and overall sense of well being.

While any part of the body can facilitate an energetic release, in my practice I find that the neck is the most common location for more stimulating releases. It’s stimulating because the blocked energy is now flowing into your brain, and you may feel instantly invigorated and full of ideas, thoughts and, well, a lot more energy than you are used to.

If I am holding your head at that moment, I can feel it in my hands. Sometimes it feels like a welling up of water that then slides down the neck. Sometimes it feels like my client’s whole body starts buzzing for a few moments, like there was a slight electrical upgrade. Sometimes all I feel is the physical muscles of the shoulders and neck relax.

Physically tight muscles in the neck restrict blood flow to the brain. When blood can finally flow more easily to the brain the cells get more oxygen and are more energized.

I have several ways of gently supporting my client through these energetic releases. Most of the time clients will relax again after a few minutes and spend most of the session in a very calm, peaceful and rejuvenating state. An energetic opening can feel slightly confusing because you think you should be relaxing during a healing instead of suddenly feeling like you want to jump up and write down the ten best ideas you have ever had. Some clients start talking the moment I feel their neck release. Added bonus: This kind of session can heal writer’s block instantly.

After a session in which energetic blocks are released my clients report experiencing a higher state of energy. They later have let me know they feel less tired throughout the day and more optimistic in general.

Energetic releases are wonderfully beneficial.

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