Notes From A Healing Practice: Aura Gazing

IMG_1622Last week at the Art Museum I realized my aura gazing days were over.

Museums are excellent places to practice seeing auras. The huge rooms with lightly colored and flatly lit walls are very conducive to seeing energy fields. People are easy to focus on as they stand or slowly walk around looking and thinking intently about the art. It’s a perfect set up. After looking at the exhibitions I have always practiced a little aura gazing and have learned quite a bit from it. When the art has particularly inspired me, I have also noticed that I can see the energy fields much easier.

So looking at auras used to be pretty basic; like noticing a woman with a green coat and her lavender energy field. Or seeing a man’s light blue shirt matching his light blue aura. Fairly superficial, but educational and relaxing.

Last weekend I was a bit surprised, because right off the bat I could easily see several colors in everyone’s energy field in the room. I did not even have to relax into it. One man had brighter light on top of his head, then a small gap and then less light around the back of his head. Headache? Irritation? He did not look relaxed.

This was the first time it occurred to me that seeing energy fields of people who are not on my healing table may be an invasion of their privacy. I had never learned anything personal from my aura exercises before except the interesting fashion correlations. Aura gazing was just another layer of people watching.

At the start of this blog I was working very hard to see people’s energy fields because I thought it would make me a better healer. Now I know that is not the case (Check out this blog post). Seeing, feeling and even hearing energy does not make you a better healer. You may not perceive anything while you do a healing and help your client or family member just as much, maybe even more, than another healer with a long list of observations.

I still think for people new to energy work seeing auras is very a validating exercise. When I give talks on energetic healing I will still recommend beginners look at energy fields everywhere – at the museums, on the bus, at the grocery store. Seeing auras can open the door to a whole new paradigm of how the world works.

I have decided my aura gazing days are over though, except when people are on my healing table asking me to help them balance their energy fields. When I’m watching a public speaker, I can’t help sometimes get a flash of his or her energy field, but I guess having people see your aura is just part of being public.

I have to say the show I saw at SFMOMA was magnificent.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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