Getting In Your Body

Centered OneBeing in my body helps me stay more present. Being in my body is a tangible, physical sensation that I can follow to keep me in the present moment.

How do you know if you may be “out of your body”?

You notice bruises on your shins and you have no idea how they got there.
You lose your car key frequently.
You feel bored, tired and not engaged in your daily life.
You find yourself tripping over steps, and knocking glasses of water all over the dinner table.
You catch yourself daydreaming….

How to “get in your body”:

  • Exercise.
  • Meditate.
  • Do yoga, or Tai Chi.
  • Take a day off, take a nap, do nothing and give yourself a break.
  • Get a Clarity Breathwork session or a Healing Touch Session.
  • Eat a piece of chocolate. Notice this is not my first suggestion, but it does make being in your body quite enjoyable.

“To connect with our bodies is to learn to trust ourselves, and from that comes power.” Mirka Knaster

“Great ideas originate in the muscles.” Thomas Edison (I was surprised to find this!)

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.” Elizabeth A. Behnke

4 Replies to “Getting In Your Body”

  1. Nice, Jeri! So true! Funny to see “chocolate.” I just had a piece a few minutes ago (after having done a number of the other things you mentioned). Yes, it’s all enjoyable – and all helpful. I also find that it’s hard to be in my body when I am trying to deny or ignore certain emotions. When I finally let them be there, I can exist in my body again – and be present to family, friends, and even to myself.

    1. YES! Thank you for mentioning emotions. So true!
      I usually have dark chocolate to offer my clients after their healing session, especially if a client has a tight schedule had has to pick up children from school or go right back to work. I have one client who rides his motorcycle over the bridge; he always has something before he leaves.

  2. I visited my Mom last weekend and went with her to her Tai Chi class. I’ve done lots of yoga but never Tai Chi. Just wanted to say one has to concentrate to follow and execute the slow, graceful movements of Tai Chi. It does center one in the body!

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