Patterns in a Healing Practice

Wave Patterns

A basic premise of Buddhism that resonates with me is that all life is interconnected. I don’t claim to fully understand Buddhism, but in my healing practice I am constantly amazed at how issues and conditions manifest in my practice through clients that are otherwise unrelated to each other. Healing on a daily basis often gives me a sense of being connected to some kind of deep cosmic current.

When I started my massage practice 16 years ago I noticed seemingly random issues flow through my practice in waves. If I had a client with one knee injury, I got at least two more clients with knee issues. If I started working with a woman who had a frozen shoulder, there would be at least one more client calling with a tight shoulder plus two friends or people outside my healing practice mentioning their shoulders had less range of motion.

Several years ago psoriasis and skin rashes seemed to be affecting many of my clients and their young children. I’ve noticed that sinus and migraine issues appear to also come in waves, but I think this is probably due to the seasons and the weather.

Weather is a tangible factor in the tightness of muscle tissue. When the weather changes from hot to cold, dry to humid and even from cooler to warmer I feel the contraction and release in the bodies of my clients from week to week. Still, that does not explain why I would have a group of clients with specific neck issues all at once.

And what about the time seven of my regular massage client become pregnant? Two of these woman were friends, but the rest did not know each other.

My massage practice is very steady, but my healing practice has always ebbed and flowed dramatically. It used to be unnerving from a financial perspective, but since it ebbs and flows so constantly I’ve gotten used to it. This month is a “flow” month.

In my Healing Touch practice right now I’m working with inflammation of all kinds: arthritis, inflammation from allergies, and general full body pain. Healing Touch has been very, very helpful with inflammation. (There will be a post on this soon, by the way.)

Rationally I know that besides seasons and weather, there are other cycles that affect us, include solar flares and the full moon. Artificial cycles like tax season, election years, school schedules and holiday stress also have an obvious overall effect on my healing practice. I do of course, have many clients with isolated issues, but usually there is some kind of theme going on overall. It’s interesting.

Being in sync with my practice continually confirms to me that we are all more connected than we can possibly know.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch Practitioner and Clarity Breathworker in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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  1. I think the election year is a big distraction/ energy effecting event for many people. There is uncertainty and hope and whatever the outcome of the election it will have an effect on people’s POV and the financial/ political landscape.

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