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One of the benefits of writing regularly about my healing practice is I review much more frequently what is really benefiting my clients. As I thought about some of the most profound sessions my clients had at the end of 2012, I noticed these sessions all had one thing in common.

Every client who had a breakthrough during their healing had received a series of healings, not just one session. Each client had come for a different specific reason, ranging from wanting to release emotional trauma to overwhelming physical pain. A few clients were getting sessions as often as they could due to the intensity of their discomfort.

Looking back over the hundreds of people I have worked with over the years, I realized that Healing Touch clients who received weekly sessions reached much deeper levels of healing and transformation that greatly impacted their lives. Yet, I have had many, many clients who have released chronic pain or had deep emotional healing in just one session. This is probably why I had not thought about how powerful a series of healings could be before now.

A series of regular sessions also helps integrate and balance the shifts bought about from the healings. In one session a client may reach a whole new level of awareness about a personal issue, yet it may take several sessions for them to manifest that realization in their life.

Even when I assist a client in releasing what would appear to be only a physical pain in the body, that client is creating a shift in his or her energy field that could take them awhile to get used to. What felt normal for them in their physical body has now changed. They may feel lighter, more energetic or more relaxed, yet even a positive change can take time to integrate.

Selling “packages” of Healing Touch sessions never made sense to me before, except when I was supporting someone through chemotherapy or in my breathwork sessions. All my clients are so different, how could I know how many sessions a client needs? Now I see that a series of healings could be quite beneficial. I’m not sure what all this means yet, I will just have to let it naturally unfold into my healing practice.

Jeri Lawson is a Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

6 Replies to “A Series of Healings”

  1. Hi, Jeri. What you wrote is powerful – and is also my experience with my clients. The people who do four sessions very close together almost always notice a big shift. The ones who continue receiving sessions weekly (or every two weeks), and especially those who eventually learn Reiki and do it on themselves while still coming for weekly sessions, have the deepest and most profound changes in their lives and in their experience of life. So thank you for bringing this up. I hope your clients decide to take full advantage of your powerful healing work by committing to a series of sessions (whatever that number is for them)!

  2. As we talked about I have found that clients that have regular weekly appointments experience very deep changes in their lives especially when they do the self care in between sessions. Very powerful!

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