A Video and Story of Self-Healing

Yolanda Calderon
Yolanda Calderon

Here is an engaging video about self-healing from my friend Yolanda.

Besides the inspiring story of how she healed arthritis in her neck, the stretches I did with her as I watched this video opened my 4th (heart) and 5th (throat) chakras. Exercise is an excellent way to keep your energy centers open.

The chin tuck, platysma and trapezius stretches were my favorite movements. I have also been squatting more often these last few days, since Yolanda first told me about how beneficial it is, and I am surprised at how much looser my hips are.

Enjoy the video!
Thank you, Yolanda.

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  1. Wow Jeri ! (And Yolanda!) Thank you for sending this I’m going to begin some of the exercises today 😊 Love Mary Ps please send the other videos when they are ready!


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