Healing And The Nature Of Energy

WoodcutDistanceHealingiWeb One question I am often asked as a healer is: “Aren’t you afraid you will pick up your client’s bad energy?”

I even had a woman who did not want to come for a healing because she thought her energy was too “bad.”

In almost 20 years of doing energy work, I have never found any bad energy.

I have found “stuck” energy, energy that felt frozen, and people with very low energy flow. These are just a few of millions of ways we can be out of energetic alignment, and these imbalances can be very uncomfortable and even extremely painful. They may even manifest as emotional, mental and physical symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, or high blood pressure.

The nature of energy is clearly addressed in Healing Touch, Scope and Standards of Practice, a small booklet published by the Healing Touch Program. There is a section of 30 statements entitled Major Concepts and Principles Specifically Taught in the Healing Touch Curriculum. Below is #23 of these principles/concepts:

“The nature of energy that a practitioner helps to release from a client’s energy field through Healing Touch clearing methods is neither good or bad, but neutral. It is not harmful the practitioner, who is merely acting as the facilitator of gathering, moving, and releasing it from a client’s  energy system. As long as the practitioner remains grounded and centered, s/he is protected from any untoward temporary symptoms that can occur when two energy fields become blended, as during an energy treatment. The practitioner can clear/release that which no longer serves the client, trusting that it is being received into the Universal Energy Field where it can be transformed according to Higher Power.”

This is a big topic that can be explored in future posts. Are you an energy practitioner or have you had a healing? What are your thoughts or experiences with the nature of energy?

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