The Divine Goodness In Us All And The Crown Chakra

At our last online Healing Touch Meeting, I mentioned something new I have noticed in my practice since the pandemic. More and more clients have compromised seventh chakras.
The seventh chakra, or crown chakra, is located at the top of your head and opens to your spiritual connection with your higher self, spirit, and the universe. When the seventh chakra is compromised, it is easy to feel depressed, cut off, and isolated.

A few days after the meeting, Healing Touch Practioner Katheryn Darlington HTCP, RN, BSN, HNB-BC, wrote me this amazing email:

Dear Jeri,

Ever since our HTEB meeting last week, I have been thinking about your observation of closed crown chakras that you brought to our attention. While meditating, some thoughts came to me that I would like to share.

Many of us humans describe “The Divine” not as a single entity (God or other personifications) but something that encompasses
“all that is” within this universe and beyond,
more than we can comprehend,
absolute Love,
not “out there somewhere” but within each of us.
Each of us a manifestation of this Spirit,
all connected while individuated,
our Higher Selves being unconditionally loving and compassionate,
filled with Divine guidance and wisdom,
and so many more descriptions than I am aware of ……

If the opposite of Love is Fear – the fear of actual loss of life due to the pandemic, climate change, gun violence, and whatever other factors promote anxieties or fears – we are currently living through an era of fear-based perspective and choices. When an individual’s perspective on life is dominated by fear rather than love – perhaps we are cut off from our normal connection through the crown chakra.

Perhaps the fear of the unknown and isolation of the pandemic, mixed with the polarizing style of politics that has dominated our news the past few years has caused many individuals to disconnect from “the whole” of the Divine. The anxieties, fueled by real and/or imagined fears, have caused retreat in protective mode. This is worse than other situations because now many people have not had the usual camaraderie with our communities of family, neighbors, or friends. Families and friends have become divided due to distance, fear of an unseen contagion, fear of not understanding all of this medical jargon and rationale, fear of having various perspectives and beliefs about what is the “right” or “best” practice and care, fear of being “wrong or called stupid” (losing self-esteem), ……..

In disconnecting from each other – we have disconnected from the Divine goodness among us all.

I hope we as healers can continue to do our best to clear our chakras and strengthen our connection with the Divine and the Higher Selves of each other daily. We can persevere in finding respectful ways to communicate with those who we do not agree are not in agreement or at least send them compassion while keeping our distance from them.

We must help ourselves, family, friends, and clients to hold on to a connection with our Higher Selves and those of others to bolster our connection with the Divine as a whole.

I hope my thoughts in words make some sense. Please call or write if you like – this is such an important and pivotal moment/era that we are traveling.


After reading Kathy’s poetic email, I know I feel bolstered, and  I hope you do too.  Her statement, “In disconnecting from each other – we have disconnected from the Divine goodness among us all.” makes me realize again how important family and community are at this moment in this human experience.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork  Monday through Friday. 


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  1. I have found a similar situation in all my work with underrepresented communities. Landlords, property managers, governmental officials are “divorced from their clients, tenants, constituents… judges and police officers are intent on either apathetic behavior or indifferent responses that verge on cruelty.

    I still have tremendous hope for 2022 because it seems to me people are beginning to realize that it will take us all.

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