Healing Touch and Good Sleep

IMG_4795My clients report two things most often after a healing touch session.

The first is usually right after the healing. ‘I am so relaxed.” Or “I have never felt this peaceful.”

The second benefit is usually reported one or two days after the session. “I am sleeping so much better.” “I did not wake up one time last night.” “I feel so much more rested during the day.”

Healing Touch and Reiki can promote healthy sleep patterns. It seems that no matter why my clients come for a healing – medical condition, emotional crisis, or regular self-care, they find they sleep better. Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely helpful in keeping their energy system balanced and healthy.

As an energetic practitioner, I often sense that my client’s nervous system is “reset” during the healing. I do not have any nervous system reset monitors that can scientifically prove this, but I have often felt my client’s energy field “click” into alignment.

Sometimes one healing is all it takes to create this shift and often, since getting better sleep is a byproduct of a session and not the reason the client originally booked the session, the client will not even have noticed it until I ask about how the session affected them.

For most clients, it takes several sessions to create deeper sleep patterns, especially if the client has been out of energetic alignment for a longer time. The first session may create a shift in their sleeping patterns that last one or two days, the next session affects them for a week, and so on.

Good sleep is a good thing.

Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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  1. Good points, Jeri, both about how Reiki often helps people sleep better, and about how it seems to reset the nervous system. I had never put it that way before. I can’t speak about Healing Touch specifically, but it doesn’t surprise me that it helps sleep and the nervous system too. Thanks for your healing work!

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