The Body Selectric: How The Body Moves From Flight/Fight/Freeze Back to Flow by Kathy Allan RN, HTCP/I, HNC, SEP

Kathy Allan RN, HTCP/I, HNC, SEP
Kathy Allan RN, HTCP/I, HNC, SEP

“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering”
Peter Levine

Three weeks ago I attended Kathy Allan’s two day workshop called The Body Selectric, that combined the latest research on traumatic stress with energy healing.

Kathy is an amazing therapist and teacher and watching her work was a priceless gift. She did several demonstrations that showed how subtle, yet profoundly healing, releasing deep trauma in the body can be.

With the soft modulation of her voice, her gentle body movements, and her centered, compassionate presence, she created a safe and supportive container for the person she was working with to release and heal on a deep level. I felt like I attuned to a whole new level of energy and healing possibilities just by watching her demonstrations.

We learned about the body’s natural ability to regulate itself in a variety of traumatic situations. Kathy spoke about Post Traumatic Stress Injury (not Disorder) and how people can heal from it. Even though this workshop was about trauma it was very optimistic.

The class covered how our nervous system is continually processing information through our senses to make sure we are safe in our environment. Neuroception is a term coined by Stephen W. Porges to describe how our neural circuits distinguish what is safe, dangerous or even life-threatening to us. Neuroception takes place in the primitive parts of our brain without our conscious awareness. Before we are ever aware of danger on a cognitive level, our bodies are already gearing up to fight, flee or freeze if it perceives a threat. We can release trauma in our bodies without having to activate our nervous system by telling the story of how we were traumatized.

Talking about trauma can bring up trauma, and as Kathy said during the workshop “Everyone has trauma, we are all wounded healers.” The workshop was strategically paced so we had time to process anything that came up for us and the space was grounded and safe. I became much more aware of how my own nervous system is activated. It was slightly overwhelming at times. I decided it would be a good idea to cut back on my coffee intake.

Kathy led us in a fairly simple exercise to increase our neuroception as healers, so we could detect nervous system activation in ourselves and our clients. It was incredible how easy it was to feel the shift in another person who was all the way across the room. I thought this exercise alone was worth the price of admission.

After taking a healing workshop, I usually have to sit and process the information and techniques before using anything new in my healing sessions. Not so with this class. The next working day after the workshop I found the simple techniques created a profound release for two clients. I have since continued to be amazed at the impact this one class has had on my healing practice.

Thank you Kathy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this workshop experience. I can feel/experience in myself as you talk about Kathy Allan’s workshop.

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