Healing Is A Sacred Process

Flowers From Susan
Flowers From Susan

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.”
Gary Zukav

Healing Touch Scope and Standards of Practice, a concise and well-written booklet published by the Healing Touch Program, describes the standards and responsibilities that all Healing Touch Practitioners and students are accountable to. It also provides the history and background of the Healing Touch program, as well as outlines the benefits and use of the modality of Healing Touch.

On page 15 there is a section titled Major Concepts and Principles Specifically Taught in the Healing Touch Curriculum. It lists 30 statements which define the core of my healing practice. The five below best describe my experience of sacred space:

Number 7. The healing act is a sacred process. The practitioner intends to energetically create sacred space no matter what the physical environment is.

Number 8. The practitioner is a conduit for Universal Energy. Practitioners do not give up their own energy but in fact receive energy when treating others. Synonyms for Universal Energy include Source, Spirit, God, Goddess, Love, the Universe and the All as well as, other terms based on the practitioner’s preference.

Number 9. As practitioners allow energy to flow through them for the benefit of another, they receive benefit. Therefore, the treatment will positively influence both the practitioner and the recipient.

Number 14. All healing is self-healing between the person and his/her spiritual source. The practitioner influences, but does not control the outcome of the treatment.

Number 30. We acknowledge that pure spiritual love is life’s most powerful healer. Love is understood, felt and demonstrated through human thinking, feeling, and actions.

After a healing session, clients often describe their experience as spiritual. Some, even after only one healing, have told me their perception of life had shifted forever. They often report that everything feels more connected, and they felt real peace for the first time.

This peace, this connection, is the energy that does all the healing and is present in every session. Connecting with this energy creates peace in the body, the mind and the emotions. Anxiety attacks become less and less frequent, headaches ease, guidance is heard and sleep is more restful. This is the energy that expands perceptions, heals wounds, contains all possibilities, and includes everything and everybody.

Healing is the experience of pure spiritual love.

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Jeri Lawson is available for Healing Touch and Clarity Breathwork sessions Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm, in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California.

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