The Reiki Precepts

IMG_0520I was first attuned to Reiki in 1996. Reiki has always been an essential part of my self-care, as well as my healing practice.

A few years ago I discovered Animal Reiki by Kathleen Prasad from a video on Facebook. I soon started studying with Kathleen, and then also with her teacher, Frans Stiene. They share a more traditional Japanese form of Reiki called Usui Reiki Ryoho. This system of Reiki is composed of five elements, with hands-on-healing being only one of the elements. The emphasis of Usui Reiki Ryoho is on personal and spiritual development.

Usui Reiki Ryoho is about the realization of our True Self. Click here for an article by Frans Stiene on the Reiki Symbol “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.”

The Reiki Precepts are another element in this system of Reiki. A precept is a code of practice or a guideline for thought and behavior. The founder of all Reiki practices, Mikao Usui, gave his students these precepts to support them on their spiritual path of self-healing. These precepts are the foundation of his teachings.

For Today Only:
Do not Anger
Do not worry
Be Humble
Be Honest in your Work
Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

In contemplating these precepts at this moment in my life, I have found a new beauty in their simplicity.

Currently, I am focusing on the precept Do Not Worry. I set my intention in the morning just to notice when I have an anxious thought. I don’t try to stop worrying; I just notice when a worried thought comes through. I found that just by being aware of worried thoughts I don’t get caught up in them as much. This shifts my day in a big way. Actually, in a really, really big way.

So simple. So beautiful.

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3 Replies to “The Reiki Precepts”

  1. Wonderful advice. I will set my intention to not worry just for today…and to renew that intention every day.

    Thank you for the powerful session yesterday. I felt alive and connected afterwards and woke up this morning brimming with optimism and ideas. Your work is healing on every level. I think it’s more effective than “talk therapy” for helping me to make positive changes. I’m so lucky to know you.

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