The Reiki Precepts: Just For Today


Just for Today
Do not Anger
Do not Worry
Be Grateful
Do your work Diligently
Be Compassionate to yourself and all living beings

In my daily meditations, I read the Reiki Precepts, the guidelines for living that Mikao Usui gave his students. Sometimes one line will linger with me for the entire day.  Sometimes, I will find myself contemplating one line for a whole week.

This week I was struck by the line “Just For Today.”

“Just for Today” means right now, in this moment, no yesterday to be angry about, and no future to be worried about. I realized that if I could just fully embrace this one line, I would then easily comprehend all five of the precepts.

It’s all about “Just For Today.” All the precepts point back to being present.

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