Feeling Welcomed Again

I signed up at the neighborhood gym and started working out a few months ago.

I can’t tell you how amazing this feels.  What makes it even better is the woman who opens the gym in the morning. Heather is her name.

She is so welcoming. On my first day, she smiled at me (through her mask) and unlocked the door as soon as she saw me. She explained that she gets there early to work out and she would be happy to let me (and anyone else who arrived) inside before the gym was officially open.

The gym is also inviting with air filters, fans everywhere, and all the machines being wiped down and disinfected continuously. There are only about two or three other people who work out as early as I do.

In this last year of everyone people pulling back as I approached, or crossing the street when they saw me walking my dog, meeting Heather on that day almost brought tears to my eyes. Here was a woman who was going out of her way to invite me in after a year of feeling so separate from some of my closest friends and family.

I know all the backing away was not personal during this year, yet just by going back to the gym, I realized how hard it has been emotionally.

As we move out into the world again it is so easy to feel overwhelmed. Our nervous systems are now so overstimulated after this prolonged isolation. I have been scheduling healings and bodywork for myself to stay grounded and make this transition as easy as possible. I have also noticed how profoundly helpful healings have been for my clients as they step back out into the world.

Still, I can’t WAIT to see Heather tomorrow !!!!!!

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork  Monday through Friday.   



2 Replies to “Feeling Welcomed Again”

  1. I love this Jeri! I had my very first encounter and it was overwhelming at first. Grounding yes! That has really been on my mind. I’m getting a reiki treatment Sunday morning …Mother’s Day. To set up my flow for the week! Love to all!

  2. Heather here. This post brought tears to my eyes – you are such a beautiful soul, Jeri! I always look forward to seeing you and our inevitable conversations which enlighten and set an upbeat pace to my day. You are AWESOME! ❤️

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