Healing Touch Certification: Is It Worth It?

Healing Touch Community in 2015

One of my Healing Touch friends recently asked me if I thought getting certified in Healing Touch was worth it. We have both been certified for many years. She is very sensitive to energy and knows she could have begun a hands-on-healing practice with just the first-level workshop.

In my experience, it is definitely worth it. I needed a thorough foundation to start offering energetic healing to people, especially since I had a business and was asking for money. I loved doing healing work, but did not trust it as I do now. My book, A Business Of Healing, describes my process of fully trusting the energy.

Becoming certified in Healing Touch Program is a huge commitment and usually takes at least two years. Just a few of the many requirements in the Program are: you have to meet regularly with a Healing Touch Mentor for at least a year, do a minimum of one hundred documented sessions, read a long list of books, write reports, receive healings from practitioners of other modalities and take all five levels of the workshops.

It was more work than Graduate School.

Another benefit to studying a modality like Healing Touch is that you learn the language. Language creates community, and the community has been an essential resource for me as a self-employed Healer.

All the techniques I learned in the Program are part of this language, a solid foundation to communicate with other practitioners. When discussing how to work with specific conditions, like Migraines or Anxiety, I can say, “I use a chakra connection rather than a mind-clearing if the first chakra is compromised because … ”

The Healing Touch community in the Bay Area is also incredibly knowledgeable. Many are nurses, doctors, shamans, hospital administrators, and healers of other modalities. I have called upon them many times to ask about chemo drugs, hospital procedures, or questions about specific conditions such as MRSA. I have seriously brilliant colleagues, all with different areas of expertise.

Also, I frequently refer other Healing Touch Practitioners. I have clients with Mothers going through Chemotherapy in Florida or friends undergoing surgery at UCLA. Even if I don’t know a practitioner personally, if that person is certified,  I know that they are committed to the healing work, grounded, and know the energy body. They have to if they made it through Certification. 🙂

You can check out Healing Touch Program and Healing Beyond Borders to learn about Healing Touch. These are two separate organizations. In the Bay Area, our two teachers are Laurie Ratto of the Healing Touch Program and Anne Secklinger of Healing Beyond Borders.

I ended the conversation with my Healing Touch friend by commenting, “We would not even know each other if we had not studied Healing Touch.”

Jeri Lawson has a full-time Reiki, Healing Touch, and Clarity Breathwork practice in Oakland, California. She is available for in-person and distance healing sessions. 510-601-0632 jerilawson@mac.com

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