The Gift Of Regular Healing Sessions

A short series of healings can reset your nervous system, body, mind, and, therefore, your experience of life. Energetic sessions provide the space for you to relax and deeply rebalance, making it so much easier to connect with your inner guidance, creativity, and life direction.
I have clients that schedule sessions every week, every two weeks, and several that come once a month. Others book regular sessions for a fixed period of time to address a specific issue. They might be focusing on anxiety/panic attacks or want energetic support while going through a divorce. Several clients have found Healing Touch and Reiki sessions deepen their daily meditation practice.
Here are two testimonials from clients:

“I personally received several healings from Jeri for an undiagnosed condition. I was just out of energy, and at 67, I felt like I was nearing the natural end of my life. After a series of “distant healings from Jeri, I have the energy of when I was in my 40s. This took several months to unfold. I am beyond grateful for Jeri.”

“Jeri, You are the most gifted healer I’ve ever met and felt. Thank you for what seems like a lifetime of service. I am so grateful for that session today. I am pain-free and it makes me feel ready for Thursday’s surgery. Xoxo”

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork  Monday through Friday. 


2 Replies to “The Gift Of Regular Healing Sessions”

  1. I absolutely agree. As a Healing Touch Practitioner I receive monthly sessions from another practitioner so my energy field is cleared, balanced and connected so I can be the best vessel for running energy for myself and my clients. I highly recommend monthly maintenance sessions when no other issues are present. I receive more frequent sessions when I experience a physical or emotional issue. Thank you for this article.

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