Veda Austin and The Secret Intelligence of Water


Petri Dish With Water and Pyramid Before Freezing (from Veda’s website)
Image In Frozen Water From Same Petri Dish After Freezing (from Veda’s website)

The work of Veda Austin is phenomenal. She takes photographs that prove water has consciousness. Maybe water is consciousness.

These photographs are stunning, like the images of Masaru Emoto.

I have always known that water, silk, and cotton could hold healing energy. Years ago, I met a woman who made 100% cotton Teddy Bears you could fill with loving, healing energy. Then you could give that stuffed animal to a child who was not feeling well – and it appeared to really comfort the child. It was such a sweet way to support another person energetically. I must have given away ten of those bears.

Now that I have been introduced to Veda’s research with water, I feel there are so many more ways to share energy with others. I also feel like I have a deeper awareness of what may be occurring in many of my healing sessions.

Here is a great interview of Veda telling her story and describing her research and how she began communicating with water. If you don’t have much time, start the video 15 minutes in and listen. 

I ordered some Petri dishes and can’t wait to take some photos.

Check out her website for more videos. Enjoy!

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