Energy Work Is SO Practical

Last week a client drove to her session with me immediately after she had extensive dental surgery. The left side of her face was completely numb. I started with a Healing Touch Technique that cleared her head of 90% of the numbness in 10 minutes. The only area that she felt was still desensitized were the exact points the dentist had given her the anesthetic injections.

This particular client has extremely proficient self-healing energy ability. Yet, even 20 minutes of Healing Touch can create a  huge difference for anyone recovering from dental surgery. I also only used techniques that you learn in the level one healing touch class.

Again I  realized how practical and powerful energy work is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all dental technicians attended the beginning Healing Touch class and could do 20 minutes of healing on their patients after dental surgery?

Until this vision manifests, it might be a good idea to schedule a healing session after any medical procedure for a faster, more painless recovery.

Jeri Lawson has a full-time healing practice in the Temescal Area of Oakland, California. She is available for Healing Touch, Reiki, and Clarity Breathwork Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm.



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