A Practice For Peace

droppedimage_1I met an amazing woman with a brilliant idea.

Her name is Halli Lorenzato.

She created a website called 8 Around The World.

Here is her idea:

“Each day at 8h and 20h (8AM and 8PM) for five minutes we join with others in our time zone and those half a world away to focus on peace and cooperation. Each hour others in the succeeding zones pause at their 8 o’clock.  Within 24 hours the whole world is included.

Please begin by letting go of any anger at yourself or others or fear within you. Then imagine others living peacefully, too.  Include your family and friends, then your community, your town, your country, and finally the entire world.”

This is my new practice. Twice a day I stop, tune in and notice any fear and anger in my body. Take today for instance. I bet there will be a lot for me to tune into at 8AM this morning and 8PM tonight.

What is so interesting, is the connection I feel to others that I know are doing this same practice. I am finding this connection very helpful in letting go of accumulating emotions in my body.

After years of healing work, I know there is no greater service to the planet than conscious self-care.

Thank you, Halli.  This idea will be useful during the next four years.

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  1. Thank you Jeri for sharing this amazing practice, and thanks to Halli for expressing her idea into the world.

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