Animal Reiki At The Shelter

emerald_5-2 I have been volunteering at my local animal shelter for the last 4 or 5 weeks. My weekly shift is in the morning, and the first thing I do when I arrive is clean the floors, take out the trash and start a load of laundry. I found there are a lot of blankets, beds, and towels to keep clean in an animal shelter.

After cleaning, I have been helping with the cats. Last week I was asked to visit with Emerald, a beautiful gray and white short-haired cat. He had just had surgery a few days earlier to remove a cyst on his throat.

This picture does not capture Emerald’s sweet nature. He enjoyed my visit and obviously liked the Reiki. He purred and walked all around me during our time together. He even asked for some hands-on healing and to be brushed.

I felt fantastic afterward. Animal Reiki really opens my heart.

This was my first one-to-one Animal Reiki healing in a shelter, but that’s not the only reason why it was so special. I found I was not healing a homeless animal who just had surgery. I was connecting with a centered and confident being. Emerald is an excellent Reiki Teacher.

Last year I became a member of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA), founded by my Animal Reiki Teacher Kathleen Prasad, and SARA Teacher Leah D’Ambrosio. SARA’s mission is to bring Reiki to shelters and sanctuaries across the world. I had been inspired to bring Reiki into the shelters during the first Animal Reiki class I had with Kathleen. It took me awhile to make it happen.

I had a lot of reservations before I signed up to volunteer at Berkeley Humane.  This article by Kelly McDermott-Burns, also a Founding SARA Teacher, describes many of the same worries I had, and the gifts she has received by sharing Animal Reiki at Rutland County Humane Society in Pittsford, Vermont.

Emerald taught me well. Even though there is a lot more for me to learn, I have no worries now. 🙂

Note on January 25, 1017: Emerald was adopted!

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  1. I am starting at my local shelter in the next few weeks and am looking forward to helping out and, like you say, learning from the animals too 🙂

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